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I actually lived out in the country for most of my life. I did not move to the city, until after I finished College. I went to school for business, in addition to completed my degree a few years ago. My first job offer was in the city, at a 15 floor company office. I made sure to get a place in the town as well. I did not want to drive a long ways to my place of work each day. My best bud in addition to I decided to get a nice place together. Between us, the two of us could afford a rather expensive apartment on the 10th floor. The most awesome thing about residing in town, is being able to have most things delivered. Most of the diners will totally deliver, so we have access to more choices than having subs or pizza delivered… Another cool locale that delivers, is the recreational marijuana dispensary in our area. The marijuana dispensary is a couple of blocks away from our little place. My best bud in addition to I have been purchasing from the marijuana dispensary for a few years. When they recently started to deliver, we were so thrilled to see our address in the delivery Zone. My best bud in addition to I use the delivery service for our recreational marijuana product needs. The dispensary has a large selection of marijuana products, like pot brownies, hard candies, in addition to flowers. The other weekend was payday, in addition to my best bud in addition to I ordered a massive pack of marijuana products from the dispensary. We were easily able to get a half ounce of OG Kush, in addition to some mint cookies that were made from Girl Scout cookies. We were also able to buy a few grams of space cake. The marijuana dispensary delivered everything to our door, for a small fee.

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This is just how I grew up

My brother plus I grew up on a farm. We had several types of farm animals, including chickens, pigs, plus some dairy cows. We had several acres of corn plus potatoes, with a small garden that contained beets, beans, plus squashes. My brother plus I learned plenty about farming. My brother graduated from school before me, plus made the decision to attend the local agricultural College. My brother was a junior, when I graduated from school. My brother wanted to transfer out west, so both of us could start our own medicinal marijuana Farm. He was able to find a few plots of land online, plus saved enough cash for a sizable down payment. My brother had everything planned out for the most part, plus I felt it was a great idea. My brother dropped out of school, before finishing his senior year in college. We moved 2000 miles away from home, with only $1,000 plus a dream. We purchased 100 acres of land with a very small house. The previous owners grew soybeans for several years, however they had not tilled the land in at least a dozen. My brother plus I worked super hard for the first year, getting the soil correctly balanced with the necessary nutrients. We did a great deal of work, before both of us could plant our first marijuana seed. During this very first harvest, we planted 3 unusual strains of marijuana. Two strains are hybrids plus a single one is mainly an indica strain. If the marijuana harvest goes as well as we are expecting, both of us should be able to pay off the land within a year or two. I never pictured myself raising marijuana plants, although I suppose I’m going to love this industry quite a bit.

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This is where marijuana is grown

Edibles are my number one way to use cannabis. I have been smoking cannabis, since I was a youngster. It wasn’t legal back during those days, so all of us did not have a good selection. The Cannabis was mostly dirt & seeds, with little taste or stink. Now that cannabis has become more mainstream, there are a ton of ways to have a great High. A lot of folks still care about burning the flower, although I undoubtedly care about Edibles. These edibles are undoubtedly my number one way to ingest cannabis. I suffer from very bad asthma, & smoking makes me hack & cough quite a bit. I do not have to fret about coughing with Edibles. The local cannabis dispensary has an excellent variety of edible cannabis treats. The marijuana dispensary has pot brownies & cookies. They have plenty of hard candies, in flavors like lemon, tangerine, & strawberry. They also have different types of gummies, like sharks, bears, & worms. Each of the Cannabis Edibles are made with a different strain, and some of the Cannabis Edibles are made with quality sativa blends & some are made with Indica blends. My number one edible is chocolate. The marijuana dispensary has this tasty 90% THC chocolate bar. The chocolate bar has almonds & toffee bits, & you cannot even taste the marijuana at all. One square of the chocolate bar has enough THC, for long lasting effects. In my opinion, edibles are totally the best way to use recreational or medical cannabis. I assume some folks will disagree, & that’s why the cannabis dispensary has such great business. Everyone prefers to ingest marijuana in all sorts of different ways.

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Getting cannabis delivered

To this date, there are 13 states that allow recreational marijuana use, and many of those states are on the west coast, with some scattered on the east as well… Recreational marijuana is legal for adults over the age of eighteen in these states, however you must show proof of ID and most sites will register your driver’s’ license. Recreational marijuana has been legal in our state for 5 years, however the bunch of us have hundreds of recreational marijuana dispensaries located in various places in our state. Each one of these marijuana dispensaries are licensed by the state and subject to state laws and regulations. While going through the early years of legalization, every one of us have put millions of dollars into schools, better roads, and government programs. Recreational marijuana carries a really high tax, and that cash goes right into government-funded programs. In the midterm elections the other year, a few States had medical and recreational marijuana on the ballot. I’m totally glad to see that every one of those states have decided to enact recreational marijuana laws. These laws were passed by a large majority of the popular vote.These states will put our total at 16, which is less than half of the states in our Union. I’m just happy that people are starting to sit up and speak out against these ridiculous prohibition laws. It’s absolutely nuts for marijuana to be illegal, while so many people are dying from opioid overdoses all of the time. Studies from the leading experts show that marijuana has a ton of medical benefits. The bunch of us have actually important problems to be solved in our country. Making marijuana more difficult to access, should not be one of those priorities in this country.

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They are growing cannabis here

I have always enjoyed botany very much, which led me to absolutely love plants and flowers. When I was a little kid, I was always trying to make something grow. When I was ten, I had several rows of corn growing in the backyard. When I was fourteen, I totally grew a several hundred pound pumpkin! I won first prize at the fair for my accomplishment! A few years ago, I started growing my own medical marijuana plants. It’s legal to grow marijuana plants in our state, as long as they are for personal use. The past few years, I have developed my own strain of marijuana. The marijuana is a hybrid Indica sativa blend. It has a seriously smooth finish with a fruity flavor. It’s truly great for pain relief, anxiety, and migraines… During the very first harvest, I ended up with 300 grams of green punch Kush. Some friends of mine hooked me up with a marijuana Farm in the local area. The farm wanted to see my Harvest, and they also wanted to see some of my beautiful plants. I was definitely happy to share some photos and know-how. I hoped they would purchase a bit of the excess, but they legitimately wanted to bring me on the farm. Upon seeing the fantastic results, the medical marijuana Farm gave me a full-time position. I am now in charge of developing new strains. I never spent a single day in university, although I know more about plants than most college graduates. I make a pretty good living, and I have a fun time at my job. There is nothing better than now working on a marijuana Farm. I am surrounded by the best types of marijuana, including OG Kush, Pineapple Express, and Girl Scout cookies.

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This is medicine

Living in the South is not so bad…  Well for the most part. My family relocated to the South last year in addition to felt that the change of weather would be really nice.  We now care about our winters instead of spending them shoveling snow in addition to dressing something like Eskimos! One thing that all of us didn’t account for when planning the transfer was the fact that lifestyles in addition to opinions are truly bizarre in the South…  Let provide you with a few examples: Life moves at a much slower pace in our current town. If you assume that there should be more urgency, you are considered rude to ask. Even seeming as though you are rushing a conversation can be taken with great offense. On a certain occasion, I learned the challenging way, that talking about current trends in addition to issues must be done very carefully.  My neighbor has a little kid with ADHD in addition to a seizure disorder. I had studied a bunch of articles on the amazing benefits of medical marijuana that indicated that this may be a helpful treatment for his condition. The state all of us live in had recently approved the use of Cannabis oil for various illnesses so I mentioned this when I was visiting with my neighbor. Boy was that a really bad mistake.  Evidently, there is still an immense taboo about that subject in the small town all of us live in. The next thing I knew, my neighbor, was telling people that I was a major druggie in addition to some sort of hippie that believed that “pot” was the answer to all conditions. All I know is that her kid is suffering from a condition that could be helped a lot by this therapy. I decided that I should not talk about it again although I actually wish there was a way to help her understand the incredible benefits of medical marijuana.  Maybe I will buy her a book on the subject in addition to just leave it in her mailbox so she might read it.

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What cannabis can do

You would actually think that if there is a medication out there that would help a person heal or at least manage life quite a bit better, you could simply go as well as get a prescription for it.  My family has definitely learned the taxing way that this is absolutely not the case! Our Grandfather suffers from Parkinson’s as well as he struggles a great deal to even make it through the day at times.  Not only does this affect his motor skills it also puts him in an acute state of depression. The FDA approved medications for the treatment of his condition seem to make matters way worse as they put him in a zombie state to keep the tremors at bay.  Most of us believe that this makes his depression much worse because he has no kind of energy to participate in life. It is the general consensus among the family that all of us would prefer some sort of alternative treatment. I have been researching the use of Cannabis oil as well as all of us entirely believe that this would be something to look into!  When all of us asked his physician about it, he agreed it would be easily worth a try, but, he is not licensed to prescribe medical marijuana. He said that all of us would have to take Grandfather to a doctor who actually was, complete more testing, as well as then hope that there was a licensed supplier somewhere close by. I totally don’t understand! If the state has legalized the use of prescription medical marijuana, I would easily think I should be able to go the pharmacy, similar to other medications, and pick it up.  Other controlled substances are totally available at the local drug store, so why isn’t medical marijuana also? I sincerely hope a single day it will be so families don’t have to go through so much to get this important medical treatment.

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Purchasing our own things

With any investment there comes certain risks.  This is a very well-known fact that generations of investors can well attest to.  Today, nothing has changed in that sense. There is consistently the new IPO (initial public offering) out there that sounds like a rather solid investment.  In today’s news, nothing is more inviting than the thought of making your massive fortune in a company that specializes in medical marijuana. With extreme caution plus the necessary research, you should be able to at least remain clear of losing your currency, right?  This has not been the case with numerous of the larger manufacturers of medical marijuana. There are a lot of factors that play into this. One, these stock investments are mainly speculative to begin with because legislation is changing so fast as to the regulatory parameters.  Another major thing that plays into this is the fact that states vary a lot on their own guidelines. Our neighbors to the North have had a head start on growing plus producing medical marijuana over the United States for a long while plus they recently legalized recreational use for the entire nation.  This sent Canadian company stocks on a crazy roller coaster ride. They soared to an all time high plus then, early investors took advantage of gains, sold the stock, plus it dropped fast. Research could have prevented serious losses by those who invested when it was top dollar but numerous jumped on the bandwagon.  Faulty research can easily be your downfall plus when investing in marijuana farms, medical research, plus distribution companies, it seriously should be done with some caution. Following the latest trend isn’t typically the best choice.

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The cannabis can help

Have you been seeing the news lately?  It seems that the use of medical as well as recreational marijuana is in the news almost every single week.  Call me seasoned, but, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the very thought of getting high to help with your severe medical condition.  Years ago, I used to hear about people smoking cannabis to help with glaucoma, as well as even at that time I was quite a bit skeptical. I never understood why a person would risk going to jail over something as ridiculous as that.  I don’t understand the entire process when it comes to harvesting the CBD oil as well as I will have to look into it more before I will be able to change my thinking. I am all for modern research as well as technology to help people cope with severe medical conditions.  Years back, before the sizable pharmaceutical companies came into existence, seasoned medical doctors as well as healers did in fact use herbs as well as tinctures to cure all sorts of ailments… They were effective for various conditions as well as people didn’t question their practices during those times.  Now, the bunch of us have the internet at our disposal as well as the bunch of us can honestly research things for ourselves to have a more educated opinion when it comes to various side effects, long term changes, as well as effectiveness in general of a medication. As I said previously, I am not ready to accept the use of marijuana, medical or otherwise, at the moment.  Thankfully, I don’t have a condition that it would be used for anyway. I know that if I did, or a family member did, I would be more open to anything that would make it a great deal better. Times are changing at a rapid pace, and, people similar to myself need to change with the times I guess.

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These CBD oils are helping us

When my spouse was actually diagnosed with IBS, his physician said that he could easily benefit from the use of Medical Marijuana to help relieve some of his symptoms.  This is because he seems to have more serious problems when he is under a ton of stress & the medical treatment would help keep that anxiety minimal. I was entirely skeptical & I was also worried about the overall cost.  I told my spouse that I would look into the feasibility of this treatment but I didn’t hold onto much hope. The first call I made was to the HMO customer service line. I could swear that I heard the lady on the other end of the line laugh when I asked if medical marijuana was covered by our prescription plan.  She went on to say that in the opinion of the HMO, marijuana is a class 1 drug. This actually means that it falls under the same category as Heroin, LSD & other illegal drugs. These guidelines are set forth by the Federal Government & the FDA. So long as this is the position of these departments, HMOs can not cover the cost of these drugs.  Even though our medical worker can easily recommend & prescribe the use of medical cannabis, the Federal Government still states that it is an illegal substance! In the end, we thought it would be best to go with a drug that was approved by the FDA. It has some pretty excruciating side effects but at least we can have the cost covered by our insurance.  I sincerely hope that one day an agreement can be reached to allow for HMOs to cover the cost of alternative treatments such as medical marijuana. The average person really not afford the cost of paying out of pocket.

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