A 60 year old does shopping for marijuana online

I was beyond stoked to find out that I can order marijuana products online.

I easily don’t care about going to those little retail stores.

I know marijuana is legal and everything now even though I still guess that I’m a criminal when I go into those stores. I was 60 years seasoned before I smoked my first joint, but yes, I have my aches and pain. Everyone has them when they get to be this old. But I don’t have a medical marijuana card or anything like that. A neighbor of mine uses marijuana products for his pain and he recommended that I might want to give it a go. I did and now I’m hooked. Haha, by that I mean I care about how the marijuana products make me so much less uncomfortable. Being able to order the products online, through a legal marijuana delivery service, makes me even less uncomfortable. They arrived in a discreet box and I’m absolutely blissful with the service. Being able to scroll through all the products online is also absolutely convenient for me. That’s because the products have little descriptions so that I know what they are all for and how to use them. I don’t want to ask a bunch of dumb questions inside of their physical store with a clerk that is less than half my age. I can even look up the products online if I have additional questions and it’s just super convenient. I’m absolutely the only 60 year seasoned around that would rather do my shopping online rather than in a physical store however that has just me.


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