A dispensary is coming to the mall!

When I was a teenager, I basically lived at the mall.

  • Kids today won’t understand that, not how important it used to be to the social order in high school.

Working at the mall, going to the arcade, the movie theater, or the food court, the mall was just the place to be. I know that shopping malls were already well on the way out when the pandemic hit, but COVID had been the death knell for many of the major malls in my state. I was pretty psyched to hear how the shopping mall here in town, that closed down six years ago, is re-opening, and it will have a huge cannabis dispensary in it! This really hits me in the feels, because this same mall is where I first tried cannabis. Some friends had gotten access to the roof and were hanging around drinking beers when one of them pulled out a bag of marijuana. It’s a great memory, so the fact I will now be able to go and legally purchase my cannabis from the same establishment really appeals to me. Actually, I am glad there wasn’t a cannabis dispensary back then, because weed being hard to get made it special. These days I have a friend in Colorado who regularly mails me packages of the finest Sativa strains. I can’t tell you the last time I went one full day without using cannabis! If I had this kind of marijuana access as a teenager, I can guarantee that I would never have graduated from high school.


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