A new kind of cookie

I love purchasing Girl Scout Cookies every year when the gals who are selling them outside of the grocery stores.

It’s exciting for me when I run into the table with the piles of cookie boxes stacked up & on display for all to see.

I feel like a dog staring at cooking food when I come across a box of tagalongs. I constantly get samoas, but thin mints have constantly been my favorite & likely constantly will. Eating them out of the freezer feels like I am living the high life. When I visited the local cannabis dispensary the other day, I noticed a strain I had never seen before. It was called Girl Scout Cookies, which made me laugh. I pulled out my iPhone & started searching reviews for the strain on the internet & was surprised by what I noticed. There were people claiming it was their favorite strain of all time. Even among daily users, it seemed like a super popular strain. I was looking for a great hybrid strain to smoke for the late afternoon & early evening hours, so Girl Scout Cookies sounded like a great fit. I’m ecstatic I decided to buy the strain, because the flower buds smell amazing & the effects are calming & euphoric. I never thought I’d find another style of Girl Scout Cookies that I would love as much or more than the real thing. Occasionally I laugh at these titles that growers give these strains, but more often than not they turn out to be stellar crops of marijuana.

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