Able to fix my life with medical cannabis

There is really no doubt that without the availability or medical marijuana, I would still be in poor health.

This is an indisputable fact.

There are those who have confronted me basically saying that well, you’re just high. Like being high and sick is how I want to be living. Before I was able to access medical marijuana, I was caught in a storm of health workers and prescriptions. None were ever able to pinpoint what was truly going on with me. And the drugs certainly were not helping my condition. Conversely, they did have all types of side effects which just made my situation so much worse. The despair was getting to a certain breaking point and I just wasn’t completely sure that I would be able to carry on with the state of my health and the pain I was facing on a regular basis. Fortunately and somewhat ironically, it was my parents who were able to find me a good doctor that ended up treating my situation with medical marijuana as a main part of the overall treatment. It’s seriously ironic because both of my parents went to great lengths to warn me about the imminent dangers of recreational marijuana use. But their complete love and support for me permitted them to put those feelings away for this experience. They were able to embrace the great potential of medical marijuana. I was so lost by then that I truly would never have thought to try cannabis products in order to easily feel better. Once I had my medical marijuana card, I was able to go to the dispensary to find just what it was that would totally help me. It has been so many months now and I am feeling better than I have in roughly 5 years. Medical marijuana is helping me a great deal with getting my life back.



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