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Finding the right strain to calm my nerves

I quit drinking a few years ago after realizing I couldn’t take the physiological side effects anymore. I looked terribly on a day to day basis, and consistently felt poor symptoms whenever I was stuck waiting for another shot or to get anywhere where I could buy a beer. When my wife asked to have […]

No more booze, only weed

It’s taking me time to get my head around marijuana. It’s a different sort of intoxicating effect compared to booze, and I wouldn’t compare it to any prescription pills either. I have never tried any hard drugs, but I drank my good share of booze while in college. Back then I had only tried marijuana […]

Getting reduced priced edibles

I like trying out promotions, sales, and coupons. There was a time when I thought buy 1 get 1 free sales were the best deals at grocery stores. There also are 2 for 5 and giant markdowns on the price tags. I didn’t think about the coupon booklets that were consistently available at the entrance […]

I am now doing delivery

I don’t think I’m going to shop at the cannabis dispensary fronts any longer. I’m sick of waiting in lines for hours just to pick up an order I made a few days ahead of time on the internet. Even before the pandemic, this was a major setback out of my weekly schedule. I consistently […]

Thank goodness I still have marijuana

Each day I keep wondering to myself how much longer these terrible times will continue to go. First I lost my task, then I spent weeks endlessly applying to unemployment as the statewide place kept crashing everyday. Those who lost their jobs converged onto the website at once. When I finally gained unemployment, I noticed […]

I need to pick a new favorite

My viewpoint towards pot has changed a ton since I first started using it a few ago. At first it was a harsh experience that I’d compare to a mild hallucinogen, especially when my friends found high quality medical marijuana in the city. The lower quality “city weed” as they called it was shipped in […]

Lots of new marijuana products

I was so excited when my state started permitting cannabis dispensaries to carry smokable flower products. For too long the group of us were restricted to tinctures, capsules, and distillate oil. I don’t really understand why this was ever an issue from the start. The law that the group of us voted on was very […]

Working to get weed legalized

Next year my neighborhood is set to vote on an amendment to the state constitution to legalize recreational marijuana use. Roughly 5 years ago the group of us ushered in the state’s first medical marijuana program in exactly the same fashion. It unquestionably wasn’t easy to get to this time. We battled with conservatives in […]

The girl scout strain

I love buying Girl Scout Cookies each year when the girls are selling them outside of the grocery store. It’s exciting for me when I run into the table with the boxes of cookies piled up and on display for all to see. I feel like a dog staring at a burger when I come […]

I ate too powerful of an edible

I stupidly ate the entire piece of candy ahead of my trip to the movie center. I had the idea to do a day trip to our city’s movie center and begin the day with a motion picture in their gigantic IMAX theater. This would make it the first time I took a trip to […]