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No longer using booze to medicate

I quit drinking several years ago after realizing I couldn’t take the bad side effects any longer. I looked horrible on a day to day basis. I consistently felt withdrawal symptoms whenever I was stuck waiting for another beer or to get anywhere where I could buy 1. When my wife asked to have a […]

I now turn to weed instead

It’s taking me time to get my head used to marijuana. It’s a new sort of intoxicating effect compared to booze, and I wouldn’t compare it to any prescription drugs at all. I have never tried any hard drugs, but I drank a good share of alcohol during early school years. I tried it for […]

Getting a deal on marijuana

I care about getting promotions, sales, and coupons. There was a time when I thought buy-one-get-one-free sales were the greatest deals at grocery stores beyond cyclical price markdowns on the price tags. I didn’t think about the coupon booklets that were consistently available at the front of the stores. It was amazing to save fifty […]

This is how I get by

Each day I keep asking myself how much longer this nightmare will continue to go on. First I lost my job, then I spent weeks tirelessly applying to unemployment as the statewide location kept burning everyday. All of us who lost their jobs moved onto the website at once. When I finally got unemployment, I […]

Sad that my favorite strain is different

Yes, something in our brain chemistry has changed in the years since I originally tried the strain My viewpoint towards weed has changed a lot since I first started using it several years back. At first it was a harsh experience that I’d compare to a mild hallucinogen, especially when our friends found high quality […]

Still working to get those costs down

It’s a highly potent concentrate made from fresh clippings of marijuana plants. I was so happy when our state started permitting cannabis dispensaries to carry smokable flower products. For too long we were restricted to tinctures, capsules, and distillate oil. I don’t honestly get why this was ever an issue from the start. The law […]

It is finally legal in our state

Next year my area is set to vote on an amendment to the state constitution to legalize recreational marijuana use. Roughly a few years ago we ushered in the state’s first medical marijuana program in exactly the same manner. It honestly wasn’t easy to get to this point. We fought with conservatives in the state […]

The name is girl scout cookies

I love buying Girl Scout Cookies every year when the troops are selling them outside of stores. It’s exciting for me when I run into the table with the stacks of boxes piled up and on display for all to see. I am like a cat staring at a bird when I come across a […]

That was too much THC

I decided to plan a day trip to our city’s math center and start the afternoon with a movie in their gigantic IMAX theater. This would make it the first time I took a trip to our city’s math center since going with my ninth grade class a few years ago. A few things have […]