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They got their weed at the weed dispensary?

A bunch of my pals were all talking about all the weed they bought at the weed dispensary. I thought they were telling stories. To be candid, I knew full well that they were telling made up stories, just hoping to make themselves sound care about bigshots. They were really making themselves seem to be […]

Cannabis delivery is changing my life

Sometimes when life becomes great, things get even better. Honestly, it doesn’t happen very much for me. So when it does, I celebrate everything & make sure that I give all my thanks. Because having anything great is a lovely thing. Yet getting that extra plus can just be a full on mind blower. And […]

My life has improved thanks to cannabis

I have dealt with some form of depression plus anxiety for a good portion of my life. I remember even dealing with it when I was a youngster. There were plenty of times where I just didn’t want to do anything but remain in bed. Certainly, I couldn’t understand what was flawed with me. My […]