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Cannabis Delivery is the Best Option

Running errands is miserable because they take up so much time. At the bank I typically have to chit chat with the airhead teller about her nonsense. The grocery store takes forever since the cashier and bag boy talk to each other instead of hurrying up. Even the gas station pump seems to be lax. […]

Not that fun-I use a topical

My friends were excited when they realized I went to a cannabis dispensary once a week. They thought the group of us could celebration a smoke through a bong, vape or joint. I suppose our buddies believed our whole group would get high, watch films or listen to songs. I abruptly had to explain that […]

Got freaked out by our first time

When I was in our freshman year of school, I tried marijuana for the first time. It was a mistake trying weed with a old marijuana user. My neighbor Donny had a bong that had a plastic bin over the top to capture the smoke. That apparatus blatantly made the high come quicker, harder as […]

I now sneak it with an edible

I am a fan of cannabis, no matter the form. I love taking an indica to wind me down before bed. I love that I assume mellow calm as well as it is more of a body high. I used to smoke either a joint or through our vape at night before bed. Now that […]

Medical weed for anxiety

I have typically suffered from anxiety, however it has gotten worse as I have aged. It used to be a pain in the butt when it would flare up. I would practice nice breathing as well as periodically take some pills. Then our anxiety got to the point that driving to job was a problem. […]

The dispensary is too close to the school

Several of my neighbors and I are all up in arms and mad as hell about a new corporation that is opening in the fall. There used to be a dry cleaner next to the grocery store. When the owner of the old dry cleaning corporation passed away, the kid sold the corporation and the […]