No longer using booze to medicate

I quit drinking several years ago after realizing I couldn’t take the bad side effects any longer. I looked horrible on a day to day basis. I consistently felt withdrawal symptoms whenever I was stuck waiting for another beer or to get anywhere where I could buy 1. When my wife asked to have a sit down, she leveled with me about my downward spiral. Hearing it in her words snapped me out of the feedback loop in my mind and I had a fire burning inside to change and stop the substance abuse. After getting alcohol free, I decided to try marijuana for the reasons I consistently self-medicated with booze. Even though cannabis is still an intoxicant, it’s completely different from alcohol. The latter is a literal poison, killing brain cells and ruining your liver and digestive tract. It’s so addictive the withdrawal symptoms from severe long term use can literally kill you if you’re not good about it. Even though marijuana still has a minimal addictive character, it was worth the risk. I’m glad I took the dive and decided to give cannabis a chance. It eases my anxieties and quells my depressive thoughts really easy. Whenever I drank booze, I never felt like the drink was successfully calming my nerves like I thought it should. Cannabis is great as well because as a plant, it has so many differences in strain selection. I have stuck with indica strains from the cannabis dispensary because they’re the most sedating and pain relieving ones. I’m fascinated by strains that have green buds in them. I have been told it has to do with the temperature in which they were grown.


New cannabis strains

I now turn to weed instead

It’s taking me time to get my head used to marijuana.

  • It’s a new sort of intoxicating effect compared to booze, and I wouldn’t compare it to any prescription drugs at all.

I have never tried any hard drugs, but I drank a good share of alcohol during early school years. I tried it for years too. In school, I had only tried marijuana once, but it was fairly weak and I didn’t honestly notice any real effects. The drinking had to stop when I got engaged, and it became a promise to my spouse that I would get clean before we wed. I felt like a new person, but there were anxieties that had stayed lurking beneath the surface. Once I removed the booze I was using to self-medicate, I realized there were psychological issues I was having in my subconscious mind that I had been burying away with alcohol. My spouse had used cannabis on and off in the past and urged me to try it out. If I could get something natural that fixed our mental health problems, that would be great. I got a medical card in my state so I could shop at the cannabis dispensaries here. Because of my history with stress, the budtenders told me to try an indica strain first before going to a quick sativa strain. I suppose it was a lot stronger than she let on, because 1 hit of it had me feeling really fancy. I took another hit and fell asleep on my living room couch for several hours. It was a lot stronger than I thought it would be, but the effects were great. The marijuana gave me a sense of calmness that I had never felt before.

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Getting a deal on marijuana

I care about getting promotions, sales, and coupons.

There was a time when I thought buy-one-get-one-free sales were the greatest deals at grocery stores beyond cyclical price markdowns on the price tags.

I didn’t think about the coupon booklets that were consistently available at the front of the stores. It was amazing to save fifty bucks on an order the first time I seriously sat down to scour the monthly coupons. When digital coupons took off, I saw a big opportunity for more savings. Whenever I was headed to 1 store or another, I’d always check their list of digital coupons on the store’s website before leaving the house. All of these practices have made it nicer for me to make ends meet as the economy dwindles and our work minutes continuously get cut. I love marijuana, but the limited income is making the purchases taxing to my belly. I was ecstatic when I discovered popcorn buds during a random trip to the dispensary. They take tiny buds from the normal batches of flower and sell them at a reduced cost. They’ll have a batch of Space Cake with a 24% THC content and will package and sell the large flower buds at the typical price. To keep those premium jars from having dried out smaller buds taking up precious space, they package the tiny nugs into little jars and sell them for a reduced price. My favorite dispensary has marijuana flowers for fifty bucks an ounce, but the same strains in popcorn buds only cost $35 at the same amount. It’s a great way to get the same quality marijuana at an extremely reduced price.


Sativa strains

The delivery with the new dispensary makes it easier

I found this great company that sells some of the best marijuana buds in the state and they offer free statewide shipping.

I don’t think I’m going to visit the cannabis stores any longer. I’m sick of waiting in more than an hour for a pick up order. I did this hours ahead of time on the internet. Even before the virus, this was a big inconvenience out of our daily schedule. It consistently had to wait until after I got off work at 5pm, just like everyone else that would line up in the dispensary’s tightly packed front lobby. After the onset of the bug and the statewide lockdowns, they had to switch to letting in only a few customers at a time. It made the process take double as long as before, and you’d be out in your car in the parking lot waiting to be called back via SMS message from management. The last time I went to the dispensary in person, a few customers refused to wear face masks and the supervisors ignored the issue. I decided I would start buying from a new dispensary at this point. I found this great company that sells some of the best marijuana buds in the state and they offer free statewide shipping. Each zone in the state has more than one available delivery date each week; so if you’re able to work around that 1 limitation, their service is the absolute best. They have a menu on their site that is updated in real time with all of their available products prefer tinctures, oils, concentrates, vape cartridges, and edibles. You make an order and within a day you’re contacted by a budtender of their delivery team to confirm the delivery date and time. It’s stress free and has completely stopped every single problem I was facing by going to the other dispensary.


More about marijuana

This is how I get by

Each day I keep asking myself how much longer this nightmare will continue to go on.

First I lost my job, then I spent weeks tirelessly applying to unemployment as the statewide location kept burning everyday.

All of us who lost their jobs moved onto the website at once. When I finally got unemployment, I discovered that the pros would soon expire. The first stimulus check helped me avoid defaulting on my car for the time being, but I desperately need more assistance. I think there are countless people out there who are worse off than I am right now, which is a troubling thought in itself. Beyond the financial woes, various of us are desperately trying to avoid catching the bug, either because we’re high risk individuals or every one of us live with high risk family members. When I see others refuse to wear face protection, it enrages me to the point where I want to scream in their faces. The only thing keeping me from losing my mind altogether is cannabis. I use it in the late afternoon and early evening hours and it does a great job or setting my brain straight. With so much uncertainty every afternoon, marijuana helps me keep our brain from falling to pieces. I found a cannabis dispensary that sells trim and shake of flower buds for massively reduced prices. Even if I’m low on cash, I can usually afford to buy enough cannabis shake to get me through the week. It might be a little dry, but sometimes I get trim and shake from otherwise strong batches of marijuana with a high THC content.

THC content

Sad that my favorite strain is different

Yes, something in our brain chemistry has changed in the years since I originally tried the strain

My viewpoint towards weed has changed a lot since I first started using it several years back. At first it was a harsh experience that I’d compare to a mild hallucinogen, especially when our friends found high quality medical marijuana on the streets. The lower quality “street weed” as they called it was shipped in from a different country and was full of stems and seeds. It never had the same effect on our brain that the top shelf always did. When high quality medical marijuana became more and more typical as I progressed through undergraduate university, I was able to sample a wide range of strains. Blue Dream suddenly became my favorite strain for it’s mentally stimulating feelings. This is coupled with the pleasant body relaxation that happens simultaneously. But as years went by and I eventually became a medical marijuana patient in my state. I wasn’t experiencing the same effects from my favorite strains anymore. Some strains like Sour Diesel that I previously avoided became favorites as years went by. Others like Blue Dream and Purple Haze started to give me anxiety symptoms. I bought Blue Dream from more than two different dispensaries and experienced the same feeling of panic in my brain each individual time. Yes, something in our brain chemistry has changed in the years since I originally tried the strain. It’s aggravating because Blue Dream always gave me calming and peaceful feelings, but now it only produces panic attacks when I smoke it. On the other hand, I’m finding that a lot of the better strains are as great or better than the Blue Dream of the past. It’s just a matter of finding the time and the right resources to try them all.


Cannabis grower

Still working to get those costs down

It’s a highly potent concentrate made from fresh clippings of marijuana plants.

I was so happy when our state started permitting cannabis dispensaries to carry smokable flower products. For too long we were restricted to tinctures, capsules, and distillate oil. I don’t honestly get why this was ever an issue from the start. The law that we voted on was trust. There were no regulations on smoking the medicine, especially if your physician determined that to be the best form of ingestion after weighing alternatives. But our former governor was as persistent as she was cruel, and the problem got tied up in appeals courts until the current governor took office and quit the legal deadlock. We still have a long way to go compared to other states. It is much better being a medical patient now than it was more than two years ago. You can only get by on poorly extracted distillate oil for so long before you develop a heavy tolerance. That stuff isn’t low cost either, with $60 a gram being the lowest price in the entire state. So for a few reasons, I’m happy that we buy flower buds at last, but I’m even more happy about cold cured live rosin. It’s a highly potent concentrate made from fresh clippings of marijuana plants. It retains a few terpenes and cannabinoids that dissipate as the flower buds slowly dry and cure to the state where they can be packaged and sold for smoking and vaporization. Although the live rosin looks like blonde hash, it’s honestly different altogether. Although $72 a gram isn’t low cost by any standard, it’s still worth it for the quality you get in return.

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It is finally legal in our state

Next year my area is set to vote on an amendment to the state constitution to legalize recreational marijuana use.

Roughly a few years ago we ushered in the state’s first medical marijuana program in exactly the same manner.

It honestly wasn’t easy to get to this point. We fought with conservatives in the state for years just to get an initiative put on the ballot. I volunteered to pass out papers in the early years of the long battle. When the first initiative failed to get half of the vote to amend the state’s constitution, we pushed even harder the next time around. We reached a lot of older voters who were softening their views towards the plant. Many had tried CBD at that point to glowing effects. Friends were saying miracle stories about pain relief and anxiety reduction using the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in tinctures, skin creams, and capsules. The time to pass the law had finally arrived, and on its next election, it garnered over seventy percent of the vote. There were strict regulations put in place from afternoon 1. As medical dispensaries, the companies were bound by the state to have every pound of a product diagnosed at a second party laboratory. Companies in some of the states that had recreational marijuana at the time were not required to test the purity of their products. I was happy that all of my flower and concentrates at our state’s dispensaries are safe to ingest.


CBD oil

The name is girl scout cookies

I love buying Girl Scout Cookies every year when the troops are selling them outside of stores.

It’s exciting for me when I run into the table with the stacks of boxes piled up and on display for all to see.

I am like a cat staring at a bird when I come across a box of thin mints. I consistently get samoas and tagalongs as well, but thin mints have always been my favorite and likely consistently will stay there. Eating them out of the freezer feels like a divine experience. I visited the local cannabis dispensary the other afternoon and noticed a strain I had never seen before. It was hamed Girl Scout Cookies, which gave me a laugh. I pulled out my cell phone and started searching reviews for the strain on the internet and was surprised by what I found. There were people claiming it was their favorite strain of all time. Even among users at large, it seemed like an extremely popular strain. I was looking for a great hybrid strain to smoke for the late afternoon and early evening minutes, so Girl Scout Cookies sounded like a great fit. I’m glad I decided to buy the strain, because the flower buds smell amazing and the effects are calming and euphoric. I never thought I’d find another kind of Girl Scout Cookies that I would care about as much or more than the real thing. Sometimes I laugh at these names that growers give these strains, but more often than not they turn out to be true.

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That was too much THC

I decided to plan a day trip to our city’s math center and start the afternoon with a movie in their gigantic IMAX theater. This would make it the first time I took a trip to our city’s math center since going with my ninth grade class a few years ago. A few things have changed, but I’m surprised by how many of the original exhibits are still there. They even have a charming butterfly garden outside that has various green trees that started as small plants when I saw them the last time. My favorite part of the math center was always the IMAX theater. It’s an experience that you have to see with your own eyes to understand. It feels like you’re in a giant location with a screen that stretches far above your head and far below your feet. This gives the effect of feeling like you are dangling in mid air in front of a movie screen blown up to 10 times its normal size. When you see a movie with a ton of drone footage of cliff sides and fields, it’s an unforgettable experience. When I went recently, I decided to take an edible that I bought at the cannabis dispensary a day prior. I had noticed the bag had pieces of candy that came in a high THC percentage. I stupidly ate the entire piece of chocolate ahead of our trip to the science center. I thought the IMAX experience would be great, but the effects of the edible were so strong and potent that I started to get lots of vertigo seeing the screen. I kept thinking that I was going to pass out from the stress. When I got back home I found that I took way too much.

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