If I Want CBD Oil I Have to Jump through Hoops

My state is so pitiful when it comes to rules as well as regulations.

My state is one of the last locales to allow for any kind of marijuana to be legal.

It took us forever to allow medical marijuana as well as now we are diggin in our heels on recreational weed, however currently if you want medical weed, you need to find the right doctor, fill out papers as well as spend our money currency to have the right to get a prescription. You need to have serious medical issues such as mental disorders, epilepsy, or chronic pain in order to get a legal weed prescription. It is not fair because I just want to smoke weed in order to help my insomnia. Most people in other places can just mosey on up to the cannabis dispensary near them as well as option up some CBD oil. A few drops of the oil in your bedtime water bottle would do the trick. The CBD oil would soothe a person’s mind as well as help them be calmed into a deep sleep. CBD is not the part of the marijuana plant that gets you high. However, since CBD is a derivative of marijuana, you need a medical prescription. I can’t get the oil unless I put up with all the BS, time as well as spend our money on the currency for it. Still, the prescription for legal pot still has to be approved by the state, and there is no guarantee. I could just waste our time for nothing. It is deranged that I can’t even get CBD oil that contains no THC. What could I possibly do with it to harm myself? I have considered driving to a state that allows for recreational pot as well as just bringing the oil back home in my purse.


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Cannabis Delivery is the Best Option

Running errands is miserable because they take up so much time.

At the bank I typically have to chit chat with the airhead teller about her nonsense.

The grocery store takes forever since the cashier and bag boy talk to each other instead of hurrying up. Even the gas station pump seems to be lax. The worst errand used to be our cannabis dispensary. The recreational weed dispensary is this humongous building with tons of glass display cases. There are edibles, oils, flowers as well as topicals and even cannabis gag gifts. I love to get the same thing each time I go in, however the store changes their layout. I usually wasted a solid multiple minutes hopelessly wandering aimlessly around the store trying to find our same strain. I suppose they do it intentionally to make people impulse buy while they are lost. All it did was irritate me to no end. Nowadays, I am thrilled the pot dispensary now offers cannabis delivery. There’s a fee that is totally worth it. Now I save quite a bit of time on our errands since I have one less stop. I usually come beach house to our cannabis products right by the flowers on my porch. It is nice knowing that I am being delivered our same product every week too. I hardly need to do a thing. I just make the order once a week on our computer as well as it comes within the afternoon. So simple and ideal. I love it so much as well as I have even thought about broadening our cannabis horizons by getting something unusual as a treat. Online shopping is a way better option for shopping for cannabis.

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Not that fun-I use a topical

My friends were excited when they realized I went to a cannabis dispensary once a week.

  • They thought the group of us could celebration a smoke through a bong, vape or joint.

I suppose our buddies believed our whole group would get high, watch films or listen to songs. I abruptly had to explain that I am the lamest marijuana user ever. I don’t smoke cannabis oil or flower. I am not even an edible person. I belong to the genre of marijuana user that almost everyone forget about. I am a topical person. What is a topical? It is a cannabis cream, lotion or patch that people use for chronic pain. The patch can easily have THC in it that gets in your bloodstream to make you high. I don’t do that though. I use a cannabis cream that is easily a more powerful form of icy hot. It has menthol in it as well as a peppermint smell to give it a cooling effect. I only have CBD in the product too. So there is no chance of me easily getting high. I just put on the cream in the day after our workout as well as before bed. I used to suffer from hip as well as lower back pain. Now with the topical, I am nice to lay at an office chair or rest for long periods of time without an issue. My buddies were easily disappointed to learn that I was basically using medical marijuana as well as not getting high. I look at our cream as a medical prescription rather than something fun too.


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Got freaked out by our first time

When I was in our freshman year of school, I tried marijuana for the first time.

  • It was a mistake trying weed with a old marijuana user.

My neighbor Donny had a bong that had a plastic bin over the top to capture the smoke. That apparatus blatantly made the high come quicker, harder as well as last longer, and everyone who smoked through the bagged bong talked about how awesome it was. For someone who had never even smoked a joint or eaten a pot brownie, it was a nightmare. I got so high that it kind of scared me. I felt love our face was melting as well as I was skeptical of all the people at the party. I had not smoked weed since that party. Recently I have been dealing with chronic pain. My neck got destructiond in a car accident. It was suggested for me to try marijuana to reduce the inflammation in our neck. I easily was afraid of being all weird as well as high again. Thankfully I decided to give the medical weed dispensary a chance. The budtender easily working there was superb about listening to our worries as well as finding the product for me. He got me away from smoking flower as well as instead on cannabis oil. I got a vape that I take a few hits from in the day as well as in the afternoon. The strain of weed isn’t too high in THC. I don’t assume much weird except for a little calmer as well as looser. I love how our neck feels after smoking too. I am no longer afraid of weed as well as thinking that every strain is the same.

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I now sneak it with an edible

I am a fan of cannabis, no matter the form. I love taking an indica to wind me down before bed. I love that I assume mellow calm as well as it is more of a body high. I used to smoke either a joint or through our vape at night before bed. Now that I have a boyfriend who lives with me, that is over. My boyfriend is genuinely against marijuana use… He is even skeptical about the medical marijuana benefits even after being presented with the research. I have tried increasing his mind about recreational weed as well as telling him I need it to sleep. He just won’t budge on his views. Honestly, it is easier to just sneak weed in our method rather than confrontation him. I can’t smoke anymore since it is genuinely evident. I have now changed to taking edibles before bed. I get weird kinds of edibles from the recreational cannabis dispensary near me. I get gummies, chocolates as well as hard candy with a pretty high THC pleased. My boyfriend isn’t a sweets person at all. There is no worry of him taking a piece or several. I just hide them in our home office cabinet as well as eat a few before bed. My boyfriend now just thinks I love a snack before bed. For me, I eat a gummy or numerous to chill out as well as relax. The edibles I take are easily a lot stronger than what I used to smoke. I am sleeping better as well as way more calm. It is funny because our boyfriend thinks I have magically fixed our sleeping issues when easily I am using a higher dose. Someday I am going to get him to try weed.

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Medical weed for anxiety

I have typically suffered from anxiety, however it has gotten worse as I have aged.

It used to be a pain in the butt when it would flare up.

I would practice nice breathing as well as periodically take some pills. Then our anxiety got to the point that driving to job was a problem. I had to pull over because I felt I was going to have a panic attack. I would get black behind our eyes as well as assume sick. I didn’t want to start taking more pills or a higher dose. I decided to try medical marijuana for the first time in our life. A lot of people use medical cannabis for anxiety relief, however getting the medical marijuana card was surprisingly simple. I found a nurse that can give medical marijuana prescriptions as well as talked about our issues for maybe 5 minutes. I had to fill out some paperwork online, spend our money a fee as well as after that I got our cannabis card in the mail. I now have a prescription for cannabis oil as well as flower. I am legally allowed to carry our medical weed in a suitcase as well as take it with me in particular sites. I love to smoke our cannabis through a vape. I love that the vape hangs around our neck for simple convenience. It is genuinely hidden as well as almost everyone don’t realize it is weed if they see if. I can take a few puffs just to calm down as well as get back to normal. My place of employment has also been genuinely supportive of our medical issues as well as allows me to have smoke breaks.
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Too embarrassed to go into the recreational weed shop

I was able to make an account for our mother, chat online with a budtender as well as find the right cannabis products for her! Now our mother can go online as well as peruse the weird cannabis items.

My mother is going through menopause as well as experiences trouble sleeping from time to time. The hot flashes are frequent as well as intense. She sweats through her sheets as well as clothing at least every other afternoon. My mother study online that marijuana could easily help her hot flashes. Recreational weed could lessen the severity as well as how often the hot flashes show up, but another pro is that cannabis has been known to calm a person down as well as help them get a full night of sleep. The issue is that our mother is too embarrassed to go into the recreational marijuana store. She still believes the stigma that weed smokers are druggies as well as losers. She doesn’t want people in city talking about her or picturing her smoking a joint. Thankfully the recreational pot dispensary does offer cannabis delivery. I was able to make an account for our mother, chat online with a budtender as well as find the right cannabis products for her! Now our mother can go online as well as peruse the weird cannabis items. She can locale the order as well as spend our money right online. Then within 5 hours a cannabis delivery van puts the items right on her front porch. She doesn’t have to go to the weed shop as well as is able to hide the fact that she is now a cannabis smoker. My mother is getting more comfortable that I suppose someday she will want to see the physical dispensary, looking at the products online is a lot weird than in the store, and you also don’t get as much budtender attention when you are at your computer.


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No car as well as there is delivery now

I job totally online as well as because of that, I got rid of our car! It seemed love the right thing to do! Why was I paying for car repairs, oil changes as well as gas on a automobile I hardly used? I didn’t need to drive to job anymore.

I also could do most things online.

I could do online banking, get groceries delivered to me as well as our medical prescriptions were able to be shipped to our house, however occasionally I would hop on our bicycle for a few small errands for a change of scenery, and for the most part, I haven’t had an issue with no vehicle. My cannabis dispensary was one of the only corporations that I needed to physically go to the store. I would ride 5 miles just to get our particular strains of weed. It wasn’t a exhausting ride as well as the budtenders at the legal pot dispensary were typically nice… Recently the legal weed shop brought in cannabis delivery. I can go online, locale our order as well as get a delivery driver to set it on our porch. I do have to spend our money a small delivery fee if I want to do this. Most of the time I don’t mind making the bike ride over. I found that I can do curbside pickup, only with our bike as well as save the currency. I get out of the house, some exercise as well as I don’t waste a lot of time walking around the weed shop buying things I don’t need. I am happy that cannabis delivery is a repair now though, some days are just too rainy or freezing to ride. I love that I can still get our recreational weed if I wanted to.

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The dispensary is too close to the school

Several of my neighbors and I are all up in arms and mad as hell about a new corporation that is opening in the fall.

There used to be a dry cleaner next to the grocery store.

When the owner of the old dry cleaning corporation passed away, the kid sold the corporation and the storefront reMained vacant for some weeks. I absolutely prayed that another dry cleaning biz would occupy the place, however my luck has run out. I found out a few weeks ago that a medical marijuana clinic is opening up. The place will even have medical marijuana supplies. The corporation will be located about a half of a mile away from the elementary school in town. I guess it is entirely silly that the city hall council approved a permit for this corporation to open so close to the children’s school. Some of my other neighbors and I tried to fight the opening of the marijuana clinic, however the town council sees dollars… For all I know, they are lining their pockets with currency from the medical marijuana dealership. I’m sad about our children and the effect this will have on the area. As soon as this medical marijuana clinic opens, the people I was with and I will have potheads and addicts lining our streets. My brother lives in a town where recreational marijuana is totally legal. The place went from a nice neighborhood to a drug den in less than a year. I’m not looking forward to my property values going down, simply because potheads won the right to use medical marijuana. I still cannot guess that the city hall approved their corporation license.

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Sunday is my number one fave afternoon of the week

Most people that have a job Monday through Sunday would say that Sunday is their number one fave afternoon of each week.

  • I never have to task on Friday or Monday, so Sunday is entirely my number one fave afternoon.

When it’s time to head home at 7, I beginning to guess energized and invigorated, and of course, I dread the entire rest of the afternoon. Sometimes I can barely make it through my lunch before I guess appreciate I need a nap. I’m filled with energy as soon as the clock ticks 7pm. Last Sunday I was recognizably excited to finish work, because my friends and I were going out camping for the weekend. The weather was supposed to be 70 degrees or so, while in the afternoon and 40 degrees at night. It’s the perfect weather for tent camping in the foothills and the desert. Before the people I was with and I left to go camping, the people I was with and I opted to go to the recreational cannabis store. All of my friends and I use recreational cannabis. I never smoke cannabis while in the afternoon. When I am at work, I use a blend of valerian root, St John’s wort, and CBD oil. It helps ease the natural anxiety that I get when I am around other people. It also helps calm my nerves. Since my friends and I didn’t have to fret about task on the weekend, the people I was with and I picked up a few cannabis supplies that were very high in THC. One of those items was bubble hash. Bubble hash looks appreciate kief, however it was almost 50% THC. My friends and I smoked a lot of bubble hash over the weekend. By the end of the afternoon on Monday, I feel relaxed, well rested, and ready for another week of working.

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