CBD and food

My wife hates how picky I am with the food I consume.

She loves eating food from all over the world.

She is particularly fond of Middle Eastern food as well as East Asian food. It’s not that I’m opposed to any of these cuisines, I just have a few favorite dishes that I like. If we’re getting takeout, she can guess my order before I say anything. I am used to growing up in a family where we had scheduled meals each day of the week, and the main courses never deviated. For instance, Monday night was lasagna night while Wednesday night was fish stick night. It’s like eating in the military, there’s no choice and no deviation from the options given. So when you’re suddenly finding yourself with endless choice for food, you fall back on past habits. At least that’s what I’ve tried to explain to my wife, but I’m not sure if she understands. I think I have this partiality and pickiness with more things than just food though. I know it applies to cannabis for sure, especially how I prefer to consume any marijuana products that are available for purchase. I only buy medical marijuana flower products, and I only vaporize. I don’t like smoking marijuana flower buds like some do, I find that vaporizing gives me better effects. Whenever I make an order with a cannabis delivery service here in town, I always get marijuana flower products of some kind. I have my favorite strains, but usually I’ll get anything that has indica lineage of some kind, even if it’s a hybrid strain.

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