Glaucoma pressure lowered after medical marijuana treatments

I have a chronic pressure problem inside my eyes that is associated with glaucoma.

It is a condition that was first diagnosed when I was a teen.

However, I’m sort of on the borderline and have had to keep it checked regularly. Medical cannabis is now keeping that situation in check. The doctors have prescribed meds before and they have helped. But there I also had so unusual side effects. Nothing serious but still not what I was looking for. So, decided to see if there were some other, more natural treatments for my eye pressure situation. And that’s when I first hit upon medical cannabis. However, the problem was that I couldn’t just walk out my door and get the cannabis products that I needed. That wasn’t legal. Yet, my state had passed medical marijuana not too long ago. This led me to get the cannabis information I could so I could learn how to get a medical marijuana card. It wasn’t that difficult to maneuver through the marijuana regulations to get access to the cannabis dispensary. I spoke with my doctor prior to going to the medical marijuana dispensary to let him know that I was choosing this treatment. Since I hadn’t taken any of the meds, I was fine to start the medical cannabis treatments. I was very pleased that the experts at the legal weed shop were able to get me the right cannabis products for my condition. When I went back for a pressure check nearly six months later, my eye pressure was better than it had been on the meds.



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