How they are changing regulations

There were strict regulations put in place from the first day.

Next year my state is set to vote on an amendment to the state constitution to legalize recreational marijuana use. Roughly five years ago we ushered in the state’s first medical marijuana program in exactly the same manner. It actually wasn’t straight-forward to get to this point. Both of us fought with conservatives in the state for years just to get an initiative put on the ballot. I volunteered to pass out petitions in the early parts of the long battle. When the first initiative failed to get sixty percent of the vote to amend the state’s constitution, we pushed even harder the second time around. Both of us reached a lot of older voters who were changing their views towards the plant. Many had tried CBD at that point to high effects. Friends were telling wonderful stories about pain relief & anxiety reduction using the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in tinctures, skin creams, & capsules. The time to pass the law had finally arrived, & on its second election, it garnered over 76% of the vote. There were strict regulations put in place from the first day. As medical dispensaries, the companies were bound by the state to have every batch of a product run tests on at another party laboratory. Companies in some of the states that had recreational marijuana at the time were not forced to test the purity of their products. I was ecstatic that all of our flower & concentrates at our state’s dispensaries are safe to ingest without having to second guess the word of the business selling it.

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