I just need a little legal weed

Each day I keep asking myself how much longer this torture will continue to prevail.

First I lost my job, then I spent weeks endlessly applying to unemployment as the statewide site kept bombing everyday.

All of us who lost their jobs converged onto the website at one time. When I finally got unemployment, I discovered that the benefits would soon go away. The first stimulus check helped me just to stop from defaulting on my truck for the time being, but I desperately need more help. I guess there are lots of people out there who are worse off than I am right now, which is a horrible thought in & out of itself. Beyond the financial worries, many of us are desperately trying to avoid catching COVID, either because we’re high risk individuals or we live with high risk family members. When I see others refuse to wear masks, it enrages me to no end. I want to scream in their faces. The only thing keeping me from losing my mind altogether is weed. I use it in the late afternoon & early evening hours & it does a fantastic task of setting my mind straight. With so much uncertainty every day, marijuana helps me keep my brain from falling to pieces. I found a cannabis dispensary that sells trim & shake of flower buds for massively low prices. Even if I’m low on cash, I can usually afford to buy enough cannabis shake to get myself through the week. It might be a little dry, but sometimes I get trim & shake from otherwise potent batches of marijuana with a high THC content. I am incredibly grateful that I can do this.