I usually try to give my body a rest from marijuana on a semi-regular basis

A healthy mind makes for a healthier body, plus the reverse is also true, as the whole mind-body connection is something that has fascinated me for years… But I don’t just talk about it, I put it into absolute practice, too! Three times a year I have a literal “mental reset” where I remove myself from all social media plus the internet, plus unplug my TV; occasionally I catch up on books, or home renovations, other times I go for a trip to the beach.

The point is to get off the grid plus let my brain relax a bit; I do the same thing with a cleanse plus physical reset 4 times a year, where I stop using cannabis, alcohol, plus all the numerous pills I take, both legal plus otherwise.

This helps me keep an even keel, because marijuana is a hugely integral part of my day to day life plus I don’t want it to ever be something I take for granted. “Too much of a nice thing” is easily real, plus as your tolerance for cannabis grows, smoking becomes more for service than for its several other benefits. I use marijuana because it relaxes me, plus helps me laugh more absolutely plus shed off the stress of the day. I also use it because something about cannabis helps spark the creative process, so I tend to smoke a lot while I am writing; so this is why I prefer to take a break every so often, to step away from cannabis, know what life is like again without it, plus give my lungs a rest.

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