I’m really enjoying this store

Each time that I go on a trip I care about to experience new things, I don’t do getaways where you sit on a beach with a book.

I can do that where I live now. I want to see and do things that I can’t in our location, however my guy and I recently went to a state that allows for recreational marijuana. I got us a hotel right by a legal cannabis location. The 2 of us were upset to try legal weed for the first time, and every one of us have both smoked before, but only the stuff the two of us were able to get from a crooked dealer. Buying legal marijuana was a differting thing entirely. For starters, there were so many options. There were all weird strains to smoke. I could absolutely choose between a sativa and indica. I also could choose how I consumed the marijuana. I usually stuck with flowers since that was all I could get, however at the recreational marijuana store near me, I was able to pick up some cannabis oil and edibles. The edibles were gummies that had a high THC gratified. I had never tried anything except pot brownies before. The gummies absolutely were our number one thing at the legal weed store. My hubby liked that he could smoke cannabis oil through a vape. It was much easier to smoke, not as odory and super convenient since he wore it on a lanyard. For the whole 2 weeks of the trip the 2 of us tried every cannabis product that stuck out. Every one of us kind of gorged ourselves on legal pot since it was right there.



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