Medical cannabis brought my life back to me

There is certainly no doubt that without the availability of medical marijuana, I would not be experiencing such an improvement in my health.

This is a fact.

There are those who have confronted me saying that well, you’re just high. Like being high and sick is the way a person wants to live the rest of his life. Before I was able to access medical marijuana, I was pretty much caught in a carousel of healthcare people and prescriptions. None were actually able to understand what was going on with me. And the drugs had basically little effect on my condition. Conversely, they did have an enormous amount of side effects which totally made my situation worse. The despair was totally reaching a breaking point and I just wasn’t sure that I would be able to continue given the state of my health and the pain I was regularly carrying. Fortunately and somewhat ironically, it was my parents who found a certain professional that treated my situation with medical marijuana as a critical part of the overall treatment. It’s ironic because both of my parents always warned me about the dangers of recreational marijuana use. But their love and support for me allowed them to easily get past those feelings. They were able to embrace the true efficacy of medical marijuana. I was so far gone by then that I wouldn’t have even thought to try cannabis products to improve my condition. Once I had my medical marijuana card, I was able to go to the dispensary to discover just what it was that would truly help me. It has been a number of weeks now and I am feeling better than I have in approximately 5 years. Medical marijuana is honestly helping me heal and regain a life I missed a good amount.



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