Medical cannabis products easily bring me peace

There was a time when I thought the idea that traumatic experiences resulted in physical ailments was just a bunch of nonsense. It was just one more sorry excuse for the really soft people out there who just couldn’t deal with things in life. That was how I felt because I felt so superior to anyone who would be affected by an exhausting experience. Now, I am seeking help plus finding some healing with the help of medical marijuana products. I have PTSD due to my experiences while in combat. Physical, mental plus emotional drawbacks are a result of horrific experiences. And I’m bothered to say that I would give just about anything to take back my prior perspective. However, PTSD plus its after effects are most definitely real. I’m just blessed that I have a therapist who proposed that I try medical cannabis. At first I was especially hesitant to even consider using cannabis products of any kind. Again, this was due to misplaced beliefs that were easily wrong plus limiting. I regularly viewed those using cannabis products as lazy plus ill equipped to deal with life. But in those times, I was also an adrenaline junkie which essentially led me to joining the armed forces. However, once I got medical marijuana facts, I made the choice that I would indeed go to the legal cannabis shop. Once there, I was embraced as a patient not a doper or a killer for that matter. There was sincerely no judgement. The only thing the staff at the legal weed store wanted from me was my absolute well being. That went a long way toward my initial healing. And medical cannabis is certainly helping me deal with the effects of my PTSD.


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