My aunt started using a legal recreational weed delivery service

I’ve long known that my aunt Jackie smokes weed often. It’s been one of those family secrets for as long as I can remember. I know it makes my mom super irritated so she refuses to help my aunt Jackie get her marijuana, however my aunt Jackie is not well. She cannot do much for herself anymore. I know she gets all of her food and groceries delivered to her home. My mom helped her getting that all set up. However, I knew my mom would never help my aunt Jackie get the weed delivery setup. That’s why I was surprised to find that my aunt Jackie has her cannabis products every time I come to visit. She’s not shy about smoking it in front of me. I asked her how she was getting her weed and she told me she has a weed delivery service she uses. I assumed that meant that a local company hands her some marijuana in a shady type of deal. I did not really care about that thought at all. Not when my aunt Jackie is as vulnerable as she is right now. So I told her to tell me what she needed and I would get her the marijuana she needed for her. But she assured me that everything is above board. She’s using a legal recreational cannabis delivery driving service. She even went so far as to show me the tote that the weed comes in as well as a supplier card for the weed delivery service. I looked them up on my cell PC and was blissful to see that they are in fact a bonded, legal cannabis delivery service. I guess a lot better knowing that now. I don’t don’t mind that my aunt Jackie uses some recreational marijuana. I would too if I were in her shoes. I just did not want her dealing with shady dealers.

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