My son needs this drug

Nearly four years ago, when I worked for a nonprofit public policy organization, at the start I became aware of CBD oil! One of our associates, also known as a lobbyist, was having meetings with some of our state legislators about whether or not to legalize marijuana for medical use, and at that time, no cannabis was legal in our state, although admittedly, it had been used illegally and recreationally for decades. Anyway, I am pretty sure that both our associate and the legislators went into the meetings being against the legalization of recreational marijuana, plus some were on the fence about legalizing medical marijuana, with that being said, the pro-legalization people brought several guests to the meeting with them, plus 2 of those guests were a lady plus her six year old daughter. They used to live in our state, but after the girl was born, they had to transport to another state where medical cannabis is legal. Anyway, it turns out that the girl was born with a condition that causes her to have grand mal seizures on an everyday basis, despite the best efforts of her familiar pediatrician, specialists in our own city plus other cities, plus hope plus prayer, nothing could help this child, then her seizures were so frequent plus dire that even feeding her a bottle was not a walk in the park, and her development was significantly delayed. Then, on a fluke, the mother discovered CBD oil, however she venued the CBD oil under the girl’s tongue several times 1 afternoon, plus that night was the first night the girl slept without having seizures. The CBD oil has now reduced both the severity plus frequency of the seizures, and the girl can now make her way off to school, has l gained to walk, plus can dress herself.

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