Online weed store is great for me since I can’t drive in snow

I have severe anxiety when it comes to driving in conditions I deem dangerous.

When there is heavy rain or worse, snow, I can’t make myself drive.

The thought of not being able to see scares the poop out of me. I get sweaty, nervous and shaky. Since I have gotten older the condition has gotten worse and I just flat out refuse to drive most of the winter time. The issue is that certain things I have trouble getting to my home. I thankfully can get groceries delivered, my banking is done online and my cannabis dispensary now does online weed. It took awhile for the marijuana store near me to get into the online services. Now that they are, things are a lot easier for me. I go to the online weed store near me, place an order for cannabis delivery, pay and then wait. It never takes the cannabis delivery service more than a week or two at the most. I have everything all set up to be automated too. I don’t enter in credit cards, shipping info or what to do with my cannabis products. I just pick out what I want each month and hit pay, that is it. Not having to drive in snowy conditions for my mariajuana is great too. Sometimes the weather permits it and I make the trek to my legal cannabis store. I much prefer being in person for the purchase, but sometimes I just can’t get myself there. What would happen if it started snowing while I was there?



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