Picking between the dispensaries

Each month I make a giant order with the cannabis dispensary that is roughly 20 hours from my house.

There are 2 that are nearby, but I don’t like their products at all.

Some of the cannabis flower products that I have bought have been in mixed condition. While the best dispensaries produce top shelf marijuana that rivals some of the best products from out west, others produce items that an average apartment grower would scoff at. There are few things worse than opening a jar of cannabis flower buds only to get a large hit of soda aroma instead of the rich smell of marijuana… Then you pull out a single flower bud that crumbles under the slightest bit of pressure from your hands. This is the quality that I see several happily paying for each month when they go to these different dispensaries. They don’t genuinely have the discerning taste to know what they’re buying is severely low quality. It would be good if these products were super cheap, so their cash value matched their real value. So, you can spend almost forty bucks at marijuana dispensaries & acquire one product that looks, smells, & feels like cheap homegrown weed, while the other looks like it could be a feature in High Times magazine. I just wish the other dispensary had some indica strains for once! They have an abundance of sativa strains & hybrid strains, but no indicas right now. I like sativa cannabis strains for daytime use, but I also need indica cannabis strains to wind down after a long day of work.



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