Shifting gears with the help of cannabis dispensary

Life has a way setting up these guardrails that end up actually holding a person back.

That has definitely been the case with me.

It’s not as though I was completely sheltered as a child. But it was close. My parents were super protective of me. The main reason for this seems sort of weird now. I had a learning disability when I was a child. The facts are much clearer now. The way I learn is just far different from the way most do. But at the time, this was viewed as a huge life deficit by my folks. And they really did not enable me to function in a society. Fortunately, I found someone that saw my problems for what they were and got me help. I earned a college degree. I am also breaking a guardrail with recreational marijuana use. That may sound like a fairly limited attempt at breaking down the walls that have limited me. But for me, it’s both exhilarating and a decision that I made alone. There is a cannabis dispensary around the corner from my apartment. It’s legal to use recreational marijuana and I wanted to try cannabis products for a long time. So, that is what I have done. With the help and guidance of the kind staff at the local cannabis spot, I have my very first cannabis edible. And, I’m walking to the park this weekend to experience something that I have long wanted to try. I’ll have a friend with me but this is something that I am doing on my own.



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