The weed delivery place offers free delivery for veterans

It’s so nice to see goods and services gave at a discount to Veterans.

  • The brave men and ladies who serve in our military face unimaginable adversity on the battlefield.

When they come home and try to reintegrate into society, they face a different kind of problem altogether. It’s not something any civilian could ever understand, especially when you’re watching your friends slain in front of your own eyes! Even though I never joined the military, I come from a military family. Three generations of men in my family fought in foreign wars, and all of them have some form of post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s sad to see my father and siblings struggle as much as they do. Although neither of them were thankfully never hurt during their tenures in the military, they both take a ton of different medications to treat their post-traumatic stress disorder. Some of the medications have worked, while others haven’t. I had been reading about veterans treating their problems with multiple marijuana products in states with recreational or medical weed dispensaries. There are so much more than 2 ways a person can consume cannabis, without ever smoking a joint. It’s becoming more popular now than it ever has been in human history. I urged my father and sibling to give cannabis a shot, especially now that our recreational weed dispensaries are offering free delivery services to all veterans. The fee to use the cannabis delivery service instead of picking up your items in the store is usually $15, but now it is totally free for veterans. They made orders on the store’s website last night, so hopefully the deliveries will come later this afternoon.

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