They have security guards too

I have observed that some banks have security people in their lobbies while others don’t.

I was depositing a check this afternoon when I saw one stationed at a desk towards the back of the store.

He appeared to be working on the kindle, but you could tell he had a gun holster on his hip. Honestly, I’d rather go into a bank with security than one that didn’t. I suppose that bank heists are more of a product of popular films & cable shows, but robberies do happen in real life. I’d rather not become a random hold up or casualty of an unwitting bank robber. It’s no surprise then that banks are not the only public corporations that feature armed guards inside their entrances. All of the medical & recreational marijuana shops in my state have at least one or 2 armed guards in their main areas. They’re not hidden at all, instantly clear by their size, their uniform, & the dark pistol holstered to their hip. Back before cannabis had any form of legality in my state, the conservatives warned that thugs, criminals, & Russian warlords would be storming our future dispensaries & unleashing havoc on the suburbs if both of us ever dared to allow for legal marijuana sales. They were wrong in every conceivable way, but it doesn’t mean the dispensaries should be not sacred either. Having an armed guard at a legal marijuana store is a good idea, even if it’s just to stop angry people from causing a problem.


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