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Things weren’t so easy for early medical marijuana people in the state I was last living in.

  • Everyone voted for a law that would give patients access to natural marijuana to smoke or vape.

But for several years the only products available were scarce. They had tinctures, oils, capsules, and vaporizer cartridges containing high THC distillate. However, if you wanted cannabis flower products, you were sorely upset. It took political enthusiasts in the state several years to get the laws changed allowing for whole-plant dry cured cannabis flower buds to be available to all medical marijuana patients. When I moved to my new state, I assumed that its medical marijuana program would be facing similar drawbacks. There are a lot of the same kind of politicians ruling at our state’s nation as there were where I lived last. I wanted to finally get a medical marijuana tip so I could shop at the cannabis dispensaries. The first thing I did was find a licensed doctor who is given permission by the state to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. The process was better than I expected; and when I asked him about the kinds of products around in the state, I was amazed by his answer. He said that we have tinctures, oils, skin creams, capsules, vape cartridges, concentrates like shatter and hashish, flower products, and edibles. The cannabis dispensaries here offer near all of the same products to my state’s medical marijuana patients as the recreational states in the west. I was beyond happy to visit the cannabis dispensary for the first time.

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