They will offer delivery now

I don’t know if I’m going to visit the cannabis dispensaries any longer. I’m sick of waiting in many lines just to pick up an order I made hours ahead of time on the internet. I have to wait almost an hour! Even before COVID, this was a major inconvenience out of my day to day schedule. I constantly had to wait until after I got off task at 5pm, just like all the other people. I would need to line up in the dispensary’s tightly packed front lobby. After the onset of the virus & amid statewide lockdowns, they had to switch to letting in only a few people at a time. It made the process take double as long as before, & you’d be out in your vehicle in the parking lot waiting to be called back via a text from management. The last time I went to the dispensary in person, many people refused to wear face masks & the managers ignored the problem. I decided I would start buying from a different dispensary at this point. I found this superb business that sells some of the best marijuana flower in the state & they offer free statewide shipping. Each zone in the state has many delivery dates each week; so if you’re able to work around that slight limitation, their service is the absolute best. They have a menu on their website that is updated in real time with all of their available products like tinctures, oils, concentrates, vape cartridges, & edibles. You make an order & within a day you’re contacted by a member of their delivery crew to confirm the delivery date & time.

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