Trip to the cannabis dispensary for chronic pain relief

It took me a while to come around to a more natural and holistic approach to dealing with my chronic pain.

But I finally did. For years, I have been using the anti-inflammatory meds my doctors prescribe. Yet, I have had to lean more and more on the pain medication. I’m dealing with the pain now without the prescription meds. I’m using cannabis products instead. Once a friend gave me some factual cannabis information, it jsut made total sense to me to go natural. But I’m also implementing other components for a holistic approach to my chronic pain. Along with the cannabis flower products, I am also using diet changes, meditation and quality rest. The cannabis flower products really help with the pain. However, the medical cannabis is wonderful when it comes to resting. Once I enjoy some medical cannabis in the evening, the pain lessens and I do some light yoga as I’m working on my flexibility. Once I’m done with that and ready for bed, the medical marijuana helps me fall and stay asleep much, much better than anything else I have tried. I’ve been doing this for 2 months now and there are nights where I nearly sleep all the way through the night. I have to say the medical marijuana benefits are more than I really could have hoped for. So, I’ll definitely be making my monthly visit to the good folks at the cannabis dispensary. Not only do they supply me with the medical cannabis products I need, it’s a wonderful environment. The staff is encouraging and hopeful which tends to be a bit contagious.