Way too much for the trip

I decided to plan a quick trip to my city’s art center & begin the day with a film in their gigantic IMAX theater.

This would set the 1st time I took a trip to our city’s art center since going with my seventh grade class many moons ago.

A few things have changed, but I’m surprised by how many of the original showcases are still on display. They even have a beautiful flower garden outside that has many green trees that started as small sticks when I saw them the last time. My favorite part of the art center was constantly the IMAX theater. It’s an experience that you have to see with your own eyes to get. It feels like you’re in a substantial bubble with a screen that stretches far above your hair & far below your toes. This gives the effect of feeling like you are dangling in mid air in front of a film screen blown up to ten times its usual size. When you see a movie with a lot of drone footage of cliff sides & landscapes, it’s an unforgettable experience. When I went not that long ago, I decided to take an edible that I purchased at the cannabis dispensary a day before. I had lost the bag that held the pieces of candy came in. it had the THC percentage on its label. I stupidly ate the entire piece of chocolate ahead of my trip to the art center. I thought the IMAX experience would be sublime, but the effects of the edible were so strong & potent that I started to get substantial vertigo seeing the screen. I kept thinking that I was going to faint from the stress. When I got back to my house later that evening I found the packaging for the candy. I had managed to eat 200 milligrams of THC!

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