A cannabis dispensary came to town

Legalization had been great for my business.

  • Instead of there being more competition, there was just more demand! Which wasn’t too big a surprise, because our town is very small, very remote, and there just wasn’t any competition for me out here.

Once pot was legalized, then I had more locals who were wanting to try it out, no longer afraid of trouble with the law. I run my own grow house in one of my old barns, so my only problem was scaling up the production. Then a cannabis dispensary opened up in town, and things changed. I lost a lot of my regular customers, for one reason or another, and now I had more marijuana than I could sell. You want to talk about a major swing in my marijuana business! I went from not enough marijuana, to having too much. Out of desperation, I contacted the owner of the cannabis dispensary and asked about selling him my excess stock. He explained to me that it wasn’t that simple, that he needed to use state approved marijuana growers, but he had a friend who could help me out. Long story short, I ended up selling all of my marijuana inventory, but that was a short term solution to a long term problem. I have had to scale down my marijuana operation, and if it gets any worse I may have to look for a real job. Boy was I ever wrong about marijuana legalization ,it’s actually the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my business.

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