After getting COVID I can’t smoke cannabis

After I got vaccinated I thought I was in the clear, so I stopped wearing a mask.

Somehow the two COVID shots weren’t strong enough to fight off a variant strain, and I spent a couple weeks in the hospital.

I won’t say I was fighting for my life, because I got great care, but that virus certainly did kick my butt. Even now that I am recovered and back home, I still feel the lingering effects. I desperately want to smoke cannabis again, for its many medicinal qualities, but my lungs aren’t quite ready for that kind of workout just yet. Let me tell you that I have been a loyal and dedicated cannabis user for many years now, and this is the first time in a decade I have gone so long without smoking. I yearn for the pungent bite of thick cannabis smoke in the back of my throat, but I know that right now it would do more harm than good. Instead I have been using cannabis edibles, and while they are fine for taking the edge off, it’s just not the same! Thanks to the edibles I don’t miss smoking as much, because the cannabis content is ample for a full-body physical high. There is something special about smoking cannabis, however, that can’t be captured in any other form. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways, and smoking is the perfect way of enjoying cannabis. One day I will get back there, but before I can truly enjoy cannabis again, I need to let my lungs fully heal.


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