All of the top shelf flower was thirty percent off Sunday only

Every Sunday morning from 9 until noon, the cannabis shop has a flash sale on something in the store.

  • Their customers never know what the sale is going to be.

It might be 10% off everything in your order and it might be 30% off all of the Cannabis concentrates. The shop manager only advertises the sale in the store. If you don’t go to the shop, you don’t get to take advantage of the sales. I don’t personally love that, but I understand why they have the sale inside only. It’s a great way to get customers through the door each and every week. Last Sunday Jack went to the dispensary and he called me when he found out what was on sale. All of the top shelf flower was 30% off from 9 until noon. When I found out about the sale, I immediately jumped into the shower and went to the dispensary. Jack was still there. He waited outside in his car until I arrived. I didn’t tell him that I was going to take a shower, so he was a little aggravated that I took 25 minutes instead of 10. We went into the dispensary together and they had a ton of top-shelf flower selections to pet. I chose a Girl Scout cookie strain for the afternoon and an OG Kush strain for the evening hours. Jack decided to go for broke with a whole ounce of Blue Dream. Blue Dream is easily one of his favorite sativa strains. When he saw the screen and the top shelf flower rack, I knew he was going to spend money to buy the product. It turned out to be a really good choice, because the blue dream strain was one of the products with the highest THC count.

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