Amazing changes from the start

Working in a special ed school can be challenging… Each individual has his or her own unique needs and they all need to be addressed every single day! One student, who tended to be really wacky and sometimes violent, was on the verge of being taken out of our special ed school and put in a home for the mentally ill. At the time it seems love the only occasion available and all of us felt really terrible for his father and grandparents. They have seen various specialist over the years and tried about a hundred drug treatments to try to calm him down but none of them seemed effective; Some of those drugs had such debilitating side effects that he was in a zombie-like condition all the time and that wasn’t beneficial for him either. Is Mom called a single day and said that he would be out of our special ed school for a week, and I have to admit it was kind of a weight off my shoulders. She then went on to say that he was going to be participating in a progressive study in hopes of finding a solution for his problem. She didn’t supply various bits of information about the program but all of us were hopeful for her that they would come up with some sort of solution, when he returned to our special ed school the following month all of us were amazed to see the improvements in this child. Then she handed a note to the instructor that was shocking, and her son would now be using medical marijuana on a weekly basis to help reduce episodes of anxiety and violent tendencies. All of us were so amazed at the way the child that was resting before us that all of us knew it was easily the best thing that could have ever taken place. The study that he had been a participant in was hard to get into but it was a life-changing improvement for him. He was really getting along with some of the other students and able to concentrate on his studies instead of being worried about everything else.

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