An accident at work left me with a lot of physical pain

Years ago, I suffered an accident at work.

I slipped and fell off some scaffolding and was badly damaged.

I broke my leg and several ribs, wrenched my shoulder and ended up with a concussion. Even after a hospital stay and physical therapy, I was left with a great deal of physical pain. After finishing my prescription for painkillers, I wasn’t willing to continue with pharmaceuticals. They made me drowsy, moody and presented the risk of long-term problems. I realized that I could too easily become dependent on them. I met with a chiropractor and observed a small improvement. I tried massage therapy, acupuncture and yoga, and each one helped a little. I simply couldn’t get back to 100%. As a general supplier, my job is largely physical. Even minor pain is an issue for me. I need to be able to handle heavy lifting, climbing ladders, squatting and twisting. I found that after a long day of work, I’d experience dire pain and be unable to get comfortable or fall asleep. I started researching several pain remedies and came across cannabis. There’s quite a few studies proving the benefits of cannabis as an anti-inflammatory and pain treatment. I am fortunate to live in a state where cannabis is legal to purchase. I didn’t need to go through the process to obtain a medicinal cannabis card. I was able to visit the dispensary and browse the wide range of strains and consumption methods, and once I consulted with a budtender and figured out the types of products I like best, I didn’t even need to make the trip to the dispensary anymore. Now that I have an account, I can make my purchases online and take advantage of delivery.

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