Asking for any discounts

Anyone on a limited income was hit recognizably taxing by the historic inflation levels over the past year. Imagine barely making ends meet for years as you develop an extremely strict budget, only for every single thing that you purchase to suddenly increase in price. Your utilities increase, your essentials increase, and worst of all—your gas increases in price the most. I am so lucky that my task moved to remote work, because my last job was a 30 hour drive in each direction. For the people who have commutes over an hour long, I can’t imagine how they’re affording the fuel right now. It must be one of the single most painful parts about this whole experience right now with the poor economy and high inflation levels. However, it’s nice to see that one important section of my life is finally seeing a drop in costs. I’m a medical cannabis patient and was used to fairly high prices at the cannabis dispensaries over the past 4years of being a patient. In the last year or so, the cannabis dispensaries that I have access to are starting to run constant sales to compete for business. Some might complain, but I don’t mind checking prices at multiple marijuana stores before leaving the house so I can determine who has the best sales on any given day. This is absolutely the best way to restock on cannabis products without spending too much money in the process. I feel bad for the people who aren’t even aware that these sales take place. They must consistently spend money full price at the cannabis dispensaries. The system of never asking for a list of discounts seems insane to me in retrospect.

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