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Chronic nausea

A few years ago, I went on medication that caused nausea. Every afternoon, I struggled with extreme nausea, which sometimes led to vomiting. It was absolutely hard to get used to this medication as well as it was impacting numerous aspects of my life. When I talked to my nurse, they suggested that I look […]

Understanding the strains of THC

As a budtender at a medical marijuana dispensary, it is my task to make sure that our customers understand the products they are buying. Not pretty much everyone is looking for the same category of product. Many people come into the dispensary as well as purchase products that strictly serve a medical purpose as well […]

What is a THC tincture?

When I go to the marijuana dispensary, I respectfully buy the same few products every time I go. I don’t absolutely venture out much, and ever since the first time I went to the dispensary, I have bought the same edible products. The last time I was at the dispensary, the budtender suggested that I […]

Vape Products vs. Cannabis Flower Products

Typically, I purchase cannabis flower products from my marijuana dispensary. It’s what I have constantly done as well as it’s constantly served me well. However, more as well as more, I am seeing people opting for vape products, as opposed to flower products. I began to wonder if I should consider switching to vape products, […]