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Stopping the shoplifting of cannabis products

I used to be a bouncer at one of the local taverns. This was a rowdy place by reputation, a place where bikers passing through could have a few beers with the local farm hands. There were a lot of friendly games of pool and darts that turned into fistfights, and eventually I got tired […]

A cannabis dispensary came to town

Legalization had been great for my business. Instead of there being more competition, there was just more demand! Which wasn’t too big a surprise, because our town is very small, very remote, and there just wasn’t any competition for me out here. Once pot was legalized, then I had more locals who were wanting to […]

Smoking out with my great Aunt Agnes

My role model for smoking pot was always my great Aunt Agnes. Lord only knows how old she is, because when I was a kid she was ancient, and has stayed that way for 20 years. At some point she stopped aging visibly, as if her body had reached its end stage, but was content […]

Celebrating the legalization of marijuana

It was a long and painfully slow process to finally achieve legalization. That’s how things work in this country, that is how the system is designed. Consider the country like a cruise ship, so to change its course takes a while. It’s not like a car, where you can make adjustments quickly, it takes years […]