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Medical marijuana allows me more balance in my life

Depression comes in many forms. For me, it’s more about dealing with being overwhelmed by life. Being a very sensitive person is not something that I would have chosen to be. And it’s not as though I’m a wallflower or anything. I’m just really sensitive to stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed. This combination of elements […]

I wanted to get a medical cannabis card

I talked to my mom about applying for medical cannabis when I was seventeen years old. I suffered with epilepsy for ten years, even though I was taking a ton of medications that were supposed to help. I read countless articles and papers on medical marijuana and the effect it has on lowering the occurrence […]

I grow and harvest two times each year

As a medical marijuana patient, I can grow and harvest up to 8 plants at one time. There is absolutely no reason to have eight plants at one time, unless you are cultivating for profit. It takes a lot of time and energy to care for the plants. I have two marijuana plants going in […]