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My pen was always in my pocket.

For years I have been smoking pot. It doesn’t matter if I am in my home, or if I am heading into town for groceries, I want my pot. Lately, I have been using marijuana vaping pens. They are easy to use along with being portable and discreet. A couple weeks ago, my family and […]

Delivery service is a privilege.

I was asked to do a delivery to one of our customers, but I was reminded to do a good check of the ID I have been working as a delivery service driver for several months now. I started out as a food delivery person, but it didn’t pay very well. Then I found this […]

Peppy destroyed my cannabis plant.

My husband had a beautiful plant he had been growing in my garden. Peppy hadn’t yet gotten his medicine when he got out of the house. Before we could stop him, he had run through the garden and destroyed the two-foot marijuana plant. I bought the Gorilla Glue plant from the cannabis dispensary. The plant […]

I didn’t know they had marijuana for dogs.

When I bought my puppy, he was such a cute little character, with endless energy. My little Peppy has grown into his name, and gained about fifty pounds. Peppy has more energy than we know what to do with. He is always running through the house and he then runs outside. When I took him […]

420 was the following weekend.

I need to know how to budget my money well, since I only get paid once a month. Once I pay all my bills, I head to the weed shop to get my fresh supplies. The weed shop is top on my list once the bills are paid. My anxiety is uncontrollable if I don’t […]

She just wanted to sell the marijuana.

I wanted to go to the local cannabis dispensary over the weekend. I want to get more information about some CBD products. I had gained some information about CBD while online, but I wanted to discuss it with someone who knew about CBD. I went to the cannabis dispensary to make my purchases because they […]