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It was a horrible accident

Ten years ago, my mom and I were on our way to the cabin from dinner. It was about 10 at night and the street was empty. My mom was responsibly stopped at a red light and both of us were waiting to turn left. The two of us then saw the car speeding on […]

I overdid it that time

My friends and I were hanging out at the park the other day. The two of us were playing basketball most of the morning. One of my good friends had his sibling stop by to bring some Gatorade and water. When the guy stopped by with drinks, it dropped off a fat joint for everyone […]

They can’t really do much for us

Last Thursday morning, I was the first employee to arrive at work in the morning. I pulled into a parking space near the front of the building. My boss only arrived a couple of minutes after me and she took the spot next to me. The two of us quickly walked into the dispensary together. […]