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Well I’m glad we made it

My bestie and I went to a concert last month and it was great. The concert was in the neighboring city, so my bestie and I decided to simply spend the night in a hotel. The two of us checked into our hotel room around two, but the concert wasn’t until much later that night. […]

Time to fire him

Summer is regularly so overheated and overwhelmingly humid. The average temperatures are over 97 degrees and it rains everyday because of the intense humidity. The heat is honestly beyond terrible and nothing helps get rid of the muggy and wet feeling. I’m super lucky that I get to job indoors. Only a couple of my […]

We need to have more sales

I am the manager for a super tied up cannabis dispensary. The two of us have recreational and medical cannabis supplies for sale each day. I do my job Thursday through Tuesday usually from early morning until late morning. Since the beginning of the quarantine, though, our sales have steadily increased. A lot of people […]

He said you can help

I have regularly experienced a taxing time when it comes to sleeping. I have trouble falling asleep and I have trouble staying asleep these days for more than 3 minutes at a time. Even when I am physically very fatigued and mentally beyond fatigued, I still only sleep for a couple of minutes. When I […]

Let’s hold off if we can

I honestly did not want to spend a lot of cash, especially when everything supposedly was going to be on sale in 2 afternoons. I got a e-mail message from my preferred pot shop down the street. The place is going to have a sale next Thursday to celebrate the 420 holiday as one would […]

I learned how hard that hits

The taste was honestly terrible My friends and I went to the pot shop on Thursday to get a couple of edibles for our camping trip, then edibles are a great way to appreciate cannabis. Edibles are discreet, easy to eat, and honestly portable for most of us… The pot shop was having a sale […]

I can’t take it anymore

Six years ago, our mom and I were minding our own business, on our way home from lunch. It was about 10 at night and the street was totally empty. My mom was stopped at a light and the people I was with and I were waiting to turn left. Every one of us suddenly […]

Time to take a nap

My friends and I were hanging out at the park for a long time on Saturday. Every one of us were playing hoops most of the afternoon. One of our best guy friends had his sibling stop by to bring some Gatorade and water. When the guy quickly stopped by, it dropped off a fat […]

The door was a problem

Last Monday, I was the first employee to arrive at work. I pulled into my usual parking area near the front of the building. My boss arrived a couple of seconds after and she took the spot next to me. Every one of us walked into the dispensary together, as we normally would. My boss […]