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We just don’t talk about that

I’m surprised that our dad is such a prude when it comes to drugs, because he grew up in the 60s and 76s. When our dad was a young guy, he listened to tons of rock and roll songs and he partied with his friends, however he hated the war and he went to political […]

Who would think it would be this long

My girlfriend and I went to a concert last weekend, but we almost didn’t. The concert was in the neighboring city, so our girlfriend and I decided to spend the fun night in a hotel. Every one of us evaluated into our hotel room around noon, however of course the concert wasn’t until much later […]

We aren’t happy with him right now

Summer is consistently honestly tepid and overwhelmingly humid to begin with. The average temperatures are over 95 degrees and it rains everyday because of the intense humidity. The heat is easily poor and literally nothing helps get rid of the muggy and wet feeling. I am fortunate that I get to work indoors very often. […]

Let’s keep putting on sales

I am the manager for a busy cannabis dispensary downtown. Every one of us have recreational and medical cannabis supplies for sale. I do my job Monday through Saturday from early day until late afternoon. Since the beginning of the quarantine, our daily sales have steadily increased. A lot of people are working from home […]

They said it might help

I have consistently experienced a tough time sleeping at night. I have trouble falling asleep and I have trouble staying asleep for more than a few minutes at a time. Even when I am physically exhausted and mentally exhausted, I still only sleep for a couple of moments. When I was in our twenties, it […]

This sale better kick ass

I got a text message from our number one pot shop in the whole city. The locale is going to have a sale next Wednesday to celebrate the 420 holiday, as expected. Everything in the pot shop will be on sale for 35% off. This will include all products enjoy cannabis flower, tincture, CBD items, […]

I wanted to see what it would be like

My friends and I went to the pot shop on Monday to choose out a couple of edibles for our camping trip… Edibles are honestly a wonderful way to enjoy cannabis. Edibles are discreet, straight-forward to slowly eat, and honestly portable, but the pot shop was having a sale on Monday, so our best friends […]

The service helps everyone

You can make fantastic tips as a delivery driver in our city, as is probably the case all over. My best buddy is a driver for Uber Eats, plus I was awestruck last month when he told me the amount of cash he has been making lately. And fortunately for him, I know he gets […]

I get them here all the time

After that I went to the cabin plus did tons of physical therapy for the following several months. Last year was the first time I ever tried cannabis. Despite having tons of friends in college who smoked respectfully, I wasn’t interested. My very closest friends were drinkers so I followed suit, especially since alcohol is […]

I needed a job, they needed deliverers

Even in today’s age, I appreciate visiting our local library. Aside from clearly having a big selection of blu-ray plus DVD films, I also love to get books from them from the math section. I love studying a lot of old math books that have long since been out of print in the developed world. […]