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The fish took my weed to the worms

My dad plus I went fishing last Saturday morning out at the lake. I took a bin of marijuana on the boat with me so I could smoke a bowl or two on the water. I did not want to spend all morning fishing without getting high, plus I thought a bowl or two would […]

Delivery has been boosting sales in a major way

Before the advent of the Covid19 virus, I worked for a contractor that did not deliver. I am a licensed budtender that works in a small recreational marijunana dispensary. I’ve been here for the past numerous years, and over that time, we have never had delivery as an option to our customers. Most of the […]

Weed for sale

I woke up from a really weird dream last night. I had heard on television that our state had legalized pot for recreational use. From everything I had read, I was sure recreational pot would never be legalized. Most of the people I knew were totally against the legalization of recreational marijuana. My best friend […]