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It was a new app experience

I genuinely appreciate how much online ordering has evolved over the past 12 months. For numerous reasons 2020 was certainly 1 of the worst years in recent history, although I try to see whatever few positive things I can find. I’m impressed at how easy it is now to shop from your room couch. I […]

Trading a terrible habit for a better one

I decided to finally quit drinking last year after taking a hard look at myself. My family has generational alcoholism, plus several of our older relatives sadly passed away from liver cirrhosis. My father is still a functioning alcoholic, but you know it totally destroys his ability to be honest about his emotions. He drowns […]

I’m glad that the order is on the way

I have to make sure I’m home all day tomorrow afternoon because of renovations being done on my bathroom. I’m getting a whole new custom brick shower installed after years of waiting as well as savings. But, unfortunately it’s not going to be cheap once the contractor realizes the space is actually a little bit […]

They have a shortage of stock

I just moved into this area over the past week or two. The process has been slow, as I lived a few hours from here before, as well as I had to take multiple trips in my car to as well as back to get all of my heavy furniture as well as belongings out […]

You have to plan your order

When I decided to transfer out to the quiet, peaceful country to get away from the city, I wasn’t anticipating the long drives to get into town for picking up groceries or any number of other errands. Even when gas prices were a lot lower back then, it was still a lot of money to […]

Have you seen all the selections?

I savor the selection at one particular of the local privately owned grocery stores. All of us have more than one dispensary that are only a few hours away from my house, but I love the one over the other for sure. After I moved to this area as well as started going to this […]

It was a drug store, now it still is

It’s an odd evolution, but not at all surprising either Our state has evolved a lot over the past 15 years, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I remember seeing stretches of empty land as well as patches of heavy woods through my small town when I was in elementary school. I could have never possibly […]