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Recreational pot can make a great gift

Recreational pot can really make a great gift if you are okay with giving it as a present. Not everyone feels comfortable about giving marijuana edibles or legal recreational cannabis. I guess that’s probably the way that I used to feel several years ago, but I’ve really been working on that the last couple of […]

I’m working at a recreational cannabis store

I’ve been working at a recreational cannabis store for the past few months and I really like my job. It’s really fun to learn all about the different types of marijuana oils, cannabis edibles, and recreational weed that is out there for purchase. Before I started working at the recreational cannabis store near me, I […]

Takes more than a backyard garden for pot cultivation

The news continues to wash ashore that medical and recreational marijuana are here to stay. This is evident due to all of the recent legislation and election results across the nation. Deductively, this should be a great time to get in the marijuana cultivation business. It only goes to reason that with a new, legalized […]