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I came up with a solution

I had to come up with a fast and effective way to keep sweets as well as treats from melting in the back of our little vehicle during the moderate summer season nights. I have been really enjoying working for a marijuana delivery service for the past more than five months. Things at the dispensary […]

I’m so excited for this change

Until the coronavirus outbreak, you know that legal marijuana delivery was not a choice in the state. Whenever the wise voters decided to legalize medical marijuana, the government wrote a bunch of unwise laws to make it tough for people to absolutely buy medical marijuana, and of course one of those ridiculous laws was about […]

I thought it might work out

I’ve been trying not to go out as much lately, because honestly I am trying to be safe and maintain great social distancing. I seriously only go to the grocery store once a week and I have not personally been to the bar or the club in weeks. I am trying to limit my social […]

We were trying to have fun…

It’s important to follow the dosing instruction if you’re trying to be responsible when you try edible marijuana treats for the first time. My favorite neighbor and I went to a bachelor party and the party was located far away in a city where recreational marijuana is perfectly legal. My friends and I eventually decided […]