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Being here has its upside

I lived on the outskirts of town for several years, but I very recently moved to town. Things have changed a bit for me in the past few years and I am glad to be back in the city. I have not had a serious pizza delivered in years, and I was surprised to see […]

Mom finally gives it a try

My mom has been suffering from severe arthritis pain for the past 20 years. Each winter, the daily pain seems to get worse and worse. My mom has tried a variety of different pills to attempt to help with the pain, however nothing actually helps. I recommended that my beloved mom try a CBD tincture, […]

Legal weed is getting diverse!

Legal cannabis products include various sorts of items such as edibles, tinctures, and flower. Most medical and recreational dispensaries will often carry several different types of cannabis products. Inhalation products are commonly a favorite of various full time cannabis users. Inhalation products come in a massive variety of flavors and strains and they can include […]

It’s not going to make it, apparently

Weed has been legal in this state for almost a full decade and there are recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries opening these days all over the site; Some of the weed dispensaries have to close down now, simply because the bigger corporations are taking over. Large companies are coming right into the space and building […]

It’s going to change my life

Many people are lucky to live in parts of the country where all manner of cannabis is legal for recreational or medical purposes. I live in 1 of those modern States and I frequently adore using recreational marijuana with my extra cash. It’s nice to go to The Dispensary to see the immense selection, but […]

It was a dream come true

I grew up on the west coast, however my lady has never been there even for a visit, so then for our several-year anniversary, we decided to pack up and fly to the west coast for a more than one-week holiday. All of us stayed on the coast for a full week in the southern […]

I had to make changes

I had to come up with a way to keep delightful sweets and treats from melting in the back of my automobile during the super warm Summer afternoons. I have been now working at a nice marijuana delivery for the past several long weeks. Things were just wonderful for months and months during the Winter […]

Finally, the time has come for weed delivery

Until the coronavirus outbreak, legal marijuana delivery was definitely not an option in the state… When the voters finally decided to legalize medical marijuana, the government wrote a bunch of convoluted laws to make it difficult for people to absolutely buy medical marijuana, and unfortunately for us, one of those deranged laws was about delivery. […]

They just wouldn't help me out

I was feeling lazy plus I didn’t want to get wet I’ve been trying very hard not to go out as much lately, because I’m trying to be safe plus maintain a solid level of social distancing. I only go to the grocery store once a week plus I seriously haven’t been to the bar […]

And… then we overdid it

It’s important to follow the dosing instructions to a tee when you try edible marijuana treats for the first time. My local neighbor plus I went to a bachelor celebration plus the celebration was located far away, in a city where recreational marijuana is perfectly legal. My friends plus I wisely decided to buy some […]