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Can’t do my usual errands

With COVID-19 I haven’t been able to do my usual routine. I used to get up early and hit a fitness class before work. In order to avoid rush hour, after work I would run some errands. Sometimes I would get groceries, go shopping or visit my legal weed dispensary. I can kill hours walking […]

Be careful when you smoke legal weed

There are still studies being performed everyday & every one of us won’t believe the long term effects of marijuana use until years from now Marijuana is a relatively safe drug in small doses. Most of the plant is not bad for you, however THC is the main ingredient in cannabis that is responsible for […]

Ritual of a camping trip

Ever since school, my buddies & I have taken a summer time camping trip to the mountains. The group of us usually go for walks, hunting, & fishing. The group of us consistently stay in a tent, even if there are places to stay available. Even now that every one of us is older, every […]

The plus side of cannabis

I’m looking forward to learning more about the treatment choices available for me Cannabis plants contain many chemical compounds named cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have been linked to many unique health benefits. Cannabis can be used to treat a number of health-related problems. Some research has shown that cannabis can help to stop & regulate diabetes. […]

Will it help me sleep?

For years & years, I have struggled with an awful sleeping disorder. My body does not enter a natural REM cycle like most. Instead, I fall in & out of cycles all night long & never entirely get a good night of rest. For the past three years, I have averaged about three or 4 […]

Where is my cannabis card?

I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks to receive my medical marijuana card in the mail. I called the office of the medical marijuana shop & they don’t have any details or new info to supply me. I had one guy tell me that he could not even find my name in the system. Another […]