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What is sativa?

I was looking online, trying to figure out what kind of marijuana I should try, now that it was legalized. I never had the nerve to try it before, but now, it was something I wanted to try. I thought I would bring it home from the marijuana dispensary, and sit in the house. I […]

I thought the store would look different.

It tasted just like a regular gummy bear. I don’t know what I expected when I walked into the marijuana dispensary, but it was not what I saw. I guess a part of me expected a whole in the wall building. I did not expect to see a quiet storefront with pleasant music playing. I […]

The laws have changed, but not the attitude.

I thought that when the laws changed, legalizing marijuana, that people would be happy. It seems that although the laws have changed, the attitude of some of these people haven’t. I was surprised to see my aunt being one of the biggest hypocrites. I remember my grandmother using her as an example of how people […]

Bumped into an old friend at the dispensary

Back then we all just smoked dirt weed, because no one had any idea where to find quality cannabis. Buds and buddies age in very different ways. An old bud dries up, loses its potency, eventually turns to that fine green powder called shake. An old buddy never dries up, though, no matter how longer […]