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Cannabis has genuinely helped to improve my life

I’ve only had two different speeds all of my life. I’m either wide open or I’m stopped altogether. And if I happen to be stopped, I’m either eating or I’m trying to catch some sleep in my bed. The rest of the time, the motor has just run and run without quitting. While there are […]

Marijuana is helping to improve my life

I’ve had merely two speeds all of my life. I’m either wide open or I’m totally stopped. And if I chose to stop, I’m either eating or I’m sleeping. The rest of the time, the motor has just run as well as run. While there are unique benefits to having that sort of boundless energy, […]

Cannabis customers are better

I work for an online marketing corporation. All of us do all sorts of business with Heating as well as Air Conditioning workers, contractors, electricians and general handymen. When you task with those people you are getting old men in their fifties that don’t absolutely understand what they are paying for. Occasionally they get picky […]

Needed to add a delivery option

I know I am an intelligent guy. I opened up a cannabis dispensary all on my own. There are a ton of parts of the process that need to be done, paperwork that must be completed and research checked into for this. It was a difficult process that I did all on my own. I […]

Using it for my pains

I have daily joint pain that has been made worse when I work out. I love working out as well as I recognize it is good for me. Six afternoons a week I am doing either weightlifting or heavy cardio. I stretch before as well as after but injury still happens. I refuse to acknowledge […]

A nighttime snack

I have started delving into the land of edibles. There are all kinds of forms of cannabis that you can consume. There are cannabis oils that you can cook with as well as some you can put drops in a beverage. There are all kinds of THC infused as well as CBD infused baked goods, […]

My cat has anxiety

My pet is now a marijuana client! We live in a very interesting world where that obviously is the norm. I rescued a stray cat off the streets. She is a very anxious girl because of residing in a city for so long. Tearing aluminum foil, the hose, the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C […]

Finding a way to get to the cannabis cafe

However, that is still no match for the satisfaction of sitting and sipping the best Tim Hortons Cappuccino in neighborhood at the cannabis cafe I have this sort of internal calendar that helps me keep track when I can make another trip to the new cannabis cafe. And this calendar in our head and heart […]