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Enjoying cannabis drinks and watching pigskin

I never used to adore watching pigskin on TV, except in this area of the country this is strange. If you tell someone you don’t adore watching pigskin, then they all start to view you as suspicious and weird, because who in their right mind doesn’t adore pigskin? It doesn’t matter your age, your gender, […]

Giving CBD products a tryout

When we first moved to this town, it was barely even considered a town. There were maybe 20 houses total in our hood, which was great for privacy however excruciating when you wanted to have a gathering. Over the next few years that street filled up, all of them did, and now our little neighborhood […]

I adore these cannabis drinks

I live in a swank retirement community called the North Village. It is not what you know of when you know of retirement communities, let myself and others tell you about it! It’s so large that it has been called the largest neighborhood in this part of the county. All of us have our own […]

The 1st local dispensary finally opened

It took a long time, however finally we got the legislation changed. After that happened, it still took a really long time before this great news absolutely impacted our small town. The large cities were feeling the change instantly, however it took a couple of years to come out our way. Finally, the first dispensary […]

Finally legalized medical cannabis is an option

It feels utterly deranged to myself and others that the mainstream drug industry has such a total deathgrip on this country. There are more overdoses and medicine-related deaths in this country every year from prescribed medicine than all the illegal narcotics combined. Think about that for a fourth, in actuality the “drug dealers” we were […]