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Enjoying delicious cannabis drinks plus football

I never used to care about watching football. The problem is that in this area of the country that is strange. When you tell someone you don’t love football, they view you as suspect, because what person in their right mind doesn’t love football? It doesn’t matter your age, the color of your skin, or […]

Why not give CBD products a try

When the people I was with and I first moved here, this town was barely even a town. There were maybe 6houses total on our road, which was good for our privacy however bad when you wanted to have a party. Over the years our street slowly filled up, all of them did, plus now […]

I have fallen in love with cannabis drinks

The retirement community where I live is called the Village. It is not what you think of when you think of planned retirement communities, let me tell you that! It’s so pressing that it’s entirely considered the single greatest town in this county, financially speaking! Every one of us have our own little post office, […]

Pot delivery is boosting sales in a major way

Before the outset of the stupid Coronavirus, I worked for a corporation that did not deliver. I am a fully licensed budtender that works in a legal recreational marijunana dispensary. I have been here for the past numerous months! During that time, the two of us have never given delivery as a choice to our […]

Hybrid strains are perfect for daytime use

Cannabis sativa as well as cannabis Indica are plants that both contain levels of cannabinoids as well as THC. The THC is the main compound found in cannabis plants that is psychoactive. It is the reason that cannabis users enter a state of euphoria often called “getting high.” CBD is also located inside cannabis strains. […]