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Weed for sale

I woke up from a really weird dream last night. I had heard on television that our state had legalized pot for recreational use. From everything I had read, I was sure recreational pot would never be legalized. Most of the people I knew were totally against the legalization of recreational marijuana. My best friend […]

How do they use the marijuana flower?

I often wondered what the difference between marijuana flower and buds was. I had heard different people talking about blunts and how they use the marijuana flower to make them. My curiosity had always been bad, and more often than not, I would be warned that curiosity killed the cat. I didn’t think I was […]

What do they mean by Indica?

I was interested in trying marijuana now that it was legalized. No one actually thought the state would ever legalize marijuana. At least they said that you had to be twenty-one to purchase it. I decided to check out the marijuana store and see what all they had to offer. I was looking around for […]

Trying different cannabis consumption methods

I like to experiment with different types of cannabis consumption methods. I’m always open to new suggestions from my local budtender. The dispensary offers weekly specials and discounts, and it’s a great way to try something different and maybe find a method or strain that I especially like. I’ve realized that the mental and physical […]