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Cannabis products saved my life

Of course, I think that I knew I was already in dangerous territory. There were so many warning signs along the route that I chose to completely walk. My doctor was sad for several years before I finally sort of collapsed. I was burning out to the point that I almost burned up. Thanks to […]

I love weed delivery time!

I’m still kind of getting our brain around the fact that I can legally go shopping for marijuana for sale. That’s not something that I ever thought I would live to see. But when some of the braver regions out west did medical marijuana so well, I got a bit hopeful. There seemed to be […]

Sharing some weed with a friend in need

We have all been there, right? And most of us can same the same thing. We’ve seen just how random life can be and how cruel and viscous, as well. When you’ve had life unload on you, I think it’s amazing to be set and ready to lend a hand when you see it happening […]

I’m a better athlete due to using cannabis

It’s a bit of fun for me when I can freak out one of our current workout partners. It’s usually a pretty straight-forward prank. Normally, I wait til I’m the one driving to and from the workout venue. Once we have put in our effort to be better tennis players, I like to make a […]

Best road trip ever with cannabis dispensary stops

My partner Bob and I don’t have any children. That was sort of by design really. We’ are both so focused on our careers that being parents would have been tough to do. Plus, neither of us were ever that crazy with the system anyway. That was really something that attracted us to each other. […]

Glad to have a current cannabis dispensary

Look, I see how fortunate I am to live in a region where the folks really came to their senses when it comes to legalized cannabis. So if I sound like I’m complaining about how it was up until recently, so that is not our intent. I just don’t want someone to study this in […]

I have regularly been sizable on smoking joints, but never liked blunts, and first of all, the cheap cigar wrappers used to encase a blunt ruin the taste of the weed. A blunt tastes bad, every time! Secondly, it takes a lot of weed to fill a blunt, so people usually use the cheapest, nastiest weed, which makes them taste even worse, then last but not least, have you ever seen someone roll a blunt? It’s disgusting! They regularly slather the entire thing in saliva, and it is not something I want to put in our mouth. Smoking marijuana in a joint is another matter entirely, and allows the delicious taste of the cannabis to stand out. I prefer everything about going to the cannabis dispensary, so I usually make a sizable deal out of it. I take our time, examining the weird strains and flavors of sativa plus indica, talking with the budtenders, and making a careful selection. I value flavor plus potency in our cannabis, plus after being so precise in our choices, why would I stick such charming weed inside a gross cigar wrapper? Why would I slather saliva all over the sativa before smoking it? Instead, I twist up a slender little joint and like every single puff of the cannabis I selected at the dispensary, while I do have my favorite strains plus blends, usually I will select a current kind of cannabis I have never tasted, just to try something different, no matter what kind of cannabis, I regularly use the pipe or a joint, never a blunt!

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