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We wanted to celebrate and party all night

My spouse passed myself did something incredibly special this year for New Years. There was no problems and last year was really a bad time. There was some hope that this year was going to be much better. We decided it was going to be a good idea to have a special celebration to bring […]

Calling cannabis a weed is funny actually

Growing the plant on my own is far too hard. Since the plant is called weed, a lot of people believe it will be quite easy to grow. It is unfortunately anything but the truth. Some weed will grow anywhere with a very crucial catch. Only the worst weed grows in the worst conditions. This […]

It's important to have back up weed

She had several ounces of sativa plus several ounces of Indica strains. There are some moments inside of our life that are easily never forgotten. A couple of years ago, the country was easily shutting down for the covid problem. This was certainly before the vaccine and no one knew much about it at all. […]

The cannabis strains had the most unusual names

During the last month there was a discussion with a fascinating person that works as a budtender in the local recreational cannabis dispensary First time at movies about horror are our number one type of movie plus let me abruptly say why. It is the very same reason that people adore crazy roller coasters or […]

What works best to help me sleep

When I tell people about my sleep problems, they always chalked it up to stress. I think the problem is deeper than that, because I remember having trouble staying asleep even when I was very little. What do little kids have to be stressed about? I think there may be a brain chemistry issue at […]

My hangover cure starts with cannabis sativa

I very rarely get hangovers, mostly because I have hit middle age and started drinking a lot less. But in my hard-partying years I would get hangovers several days a week. The problem is not enough water, and too much high-sugar content in the drinks.If you have a few whiskeys mixed with water and ice, […]