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The lemon lime flavored soda was the best option

This year on 4/20, every single item in the dispensary was 30% off. It’s the biggest sale that I have ever seen at the dispensary and I was excited to take advantage of the awesome prices. It’s hard to find Edibles on sale and the dispensary only has one day each week when they are […]

The dinner party was fun and we were all high

My girlfriend knew that I was going to enjoy all of the delicious dishes that came from the dinner party My girlfriend met some new friends in her yoga class and they invited us to a dinner party. I really didn’t want to go to the dinner party, but my girlfriend insisted. We don’t know […]

I enjoy golf and smoking weed

Health studies show that marijuana has absolute benefits to our mental and physiological help. Since I have retired, there are really two things that I love to do. One of those things is play golf. I played both nearly every weekend before I retired, and now I play more frequently. I play at least one […]

The pizza guy wanted to hit the marijuana bong

My friends and I were hanging out at my apartment on a cold and rainy night. We were playing video games and we were getting high on recreational marijuana. It’s really nice to live in a state where recreational marijuana can be accessed easily. The taxes are pretty high, but I’d rather pay the high […]

I always get the munchies after smoking pot

She didn’t stop until I agreed to go to the corner store to buy more Diet Coke It doesn’t matter if I smoke an indica or a sativa, because the results are still the same. I always end up with a crazy case of the munchies after I smoke. I had the munchies on Friday […]

We had a lock down in the neighborhood

I think it is a very tragic indication of the path that our society has taken over the last 50 years. Some people are so terribly selfish. I was absolutely dumbfounded by the attitude that we received yesterday during a neighborhood locked down. An escaped convict fled the jail the previous night and he was […]

The storms caused some car trouble for me

I’ve been experiencing some electrical trouble with my car. I didn’t know what problems were causing the electrical trouble, but I knew that every once in a while a fuse would blow or I would lose the radio. I never had any issues with the rain until one day when I was delivering products for […]